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Four of Disks – Power – tarot card divination

The Four of Disks Power. It is the Sun ruling the second decanate Capricorn. The Four, Chesed shows the establishment of the universe in three dimensions, that is below the Abyss the generating idea is is exhibited in its formal material sense as that of a fortress. Fours are always about consolidation and control. It… Read More »

The Diviners

Frank Barnhart, Director: A Diviner is someone who is considered of, from or made by God. So in this play you have somebody who can actually find water, but you also have the Diviners who are people looking for something, searching for something. Frank Barnhart: It focuses on a small group of people during the… Read More »

Tarot divination _今年你有意外之財嗎?Have you had an unexpected wind this year? (English、日文、Deutsch、 subtitle

What kind of advertisement do you think this film is? 1. Sports brand 2. Mountaineering equipment 3. Tourism 4. Others Hello, everyone, I just saw the video. What do you think he is advertising? If you choose 1. Sports brand people There is actually no unexpected windfall this year. But you have to be careful… Read More »

Virgoun feat. Audy – Selamat (Selamat Tinggal) (Official Lyric Video) | Chapter 4/4

Here… the place where I first found you. I am back here… but I am with someone else. Vaguely I heard… a familiar voice I’ve known all of this time, it’s yours. You look happy with her your new lover. I froze when I see the little girl running towards you. She has such beautiful… Read More »

ARIES Adolescentes Horóscopo Semanal 23 al 29 de Septiembre | 13 a 19 años (Bajo Supervisión)

welcome my warriors aries this It is the tarot teen remembers this reading are for entertainment and devesa to see is supervisions recommended with a adult channel j is from my tarot stars want to invite you to subscribe to activate the bell for you to arrive all my notifications on comments let me know… Read More »

Daily Prayer and Devotion for today, October 23, 2019, Wednesday | Daily Habit

[Music] good day to our subscribers and patrons here in the daily habit channel as we start our days let us contemplate and reflect on the words our Savior taught us let us begin with our day with daily Bible readings devotions and prayer for our daily reading we have chapter 4 verse 19 from… Read More »