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Choosing To Be Here – Matt Kahn

as we begin tonight we’re just gonna take a breath and that’s it and just knowing that our only job is to just fully be here which we’ll weave in nicely to the teaching tonight’s teaching might be most appropriately called choosing to be here and the reason is is because what we find living… Read More »

How to Get a Horoscope (Subtitles) | Virgo And Cancers Zodiac Signs Properties

If you like our audio and video materials, you can support the project. Requisites in the description of the video. Intelligent Humanity Represents How to Get a Horoscope Saturday Video Meeting Please tell me about the zodiac of Virgo and Cancer for girls. Why a man is born under the influence of these zodiacs. Or… Read More »

STAR FREQUENCIES SCIENCE OF ASTROLOGY HOW WHY IT WORKS therapies energy psychology conference 2019

frustrating things for the average person when they’re first learning about or investigating astrology is the first few questions that they ask the typical astrologer astrologist and that is why does it work how does it work and on average how does the astrologer or astrologist respond well a common response is I don’t know… Read More »

How to Read a Vedic Astrology Chart (& Western Circle Chart)

I ended up re-uploading this video since it was hard to read the glyphs please see link in description 🙂