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Maria Helena – Características de Virgem

Hello Hello I hope you like this video Make like and subscribe to receive more videos like this Today I’ll tell you about the characteristics of the virgo sign Starting on August 23rd And it ends September 23rd As I have already explained in other programs The start and end dates of signs may vary… Read More »

Virgo Horoscope for Mom | Parents

Virgo mothers are the most organized and practical of the bunch. Your kids have structure and a super healthy lifestyle, because you’re the sign most likely to buy organic food and enforce the no playing video games until homework is done rule. And you better believe, they keep their rooms clean. That said, too much… Read More »

Virgo Horoscope for Baby | Parents

Don’t feel bad if your Virgo kid is more organized than you. It’s just part of her resourceful and practical nature. From a young age, she’ll pay great attention to detail, so don’t be surprised if you find her saving her allowance. When it comes time to make decisions, she’ll cautiously weigh the pros and… Read More »

Writing a will: What to leave behind after you die | BJ Miller

As these things go, there are layers of issues. So a will is not sort of a simple, one piece of paper kind of document. There are many different kinds of wills. There’s wills to handle your things. There’s wills to handle your body. And there are wills to handle your legacy, in a way.… Read More »

U.S. Diplomat Testimony Released, Paints A Haunting Of A Shadow Foreign Policy | Deadline | MSNBC

InBrief: The Science of Neglect

>>SHONKOFF: Everyone in a community has a vested interest in everyone else’s children because everyone else’s children determine the next adult population that makes for a successful society. Built into our biology is the need to have responsive interactions with adults.>>MAYES: Neglect for children is when they don’t get what the brain is expecting to… Read More »

We’re looking at death all wrong. Here’s why. | BJ Miller, MD

Health care, medicine in our country is a giant, colossal thing. And it’s got a ton of momentum. And medicine has become– the domain of death is more or less ruled these days by health care. In times past, it’s been the church, or the family was the sort of center of all this. These… Read More »

5 Steps to Overcome Chronic Fatigue

Hi, I’m Jordan Rubin and welcome to Ancient Medicine Today brought to you by draxe.com. Today we’re going to tackle a topic that affects millions of Americans, and I remember years and years ago when chronic fatigue or chronic fatigue syndrome came on the scene. There are a lot of theories as to why. Some… Read More »