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Diviners – Tropic Love (ft. Contacreast) – Legenda English e Português

I remember the ocean, Memories die out so hard. We were travelling the mountains, Just to find the loudest seas. We settled down by the fire, Knowing we could aim higher, But we didn’t know that yet. So if you want something to hold on to, Gotta find it first. But here I am. ‘Cause… Read More »

Three of Swords – Sorrow – tarot card divination

The three of swords, sorrow the three of swords is the second decanate of libra, ruled by saturn. Saturn is a heavy planet also saturn is exalted in Libra as well. So Binah is the Great Mother, here rules the realm of Air. This fact involves an extremely difficult doctrine which must be studied at… Read More »

Radiohead – Creep | Ukelele | Cover by Aries [LIVE] [Subtítulos]

When you were here before couldn’t look you in the eye you’re just like an angel your skin makes me cry you float like a feather in a beautiful world you’re so fuckin’ special, i wish i was special but i’m a creep, i’m a weirdo. what the hell am i doing here? i don’t… Read More »

WrestleMania’s memorable returns: WWE Top 10, March 24, 2018

[MUSIC] [SOUND] [MUSIC] Wait a minute. Are you kidding me? There’s no way. He’s here.>>What?>>John Cena is here. [MUSIC] It wouldn’t be Wrestlemania without Cena.>>[MUSIC]>>It wouldn’t be Wrestlemania without you.>>John, we didn’t expect him for months. [MUSIC] [SOUND] >>I introduce to you my partner Yokozuna.>>Yeah.>>My goodness. [MUSIC]>>Yokozuna.>>Look at your face, McMahon, you’re in shock. [LAUGH]… Read More »

Zodiac signs as kpop videos

[음악] 아 아 아 아 아 그 멜로디 라인도 다 왔잖아 서 맞아 원래는 지금은 뭐 괜찮아 아 으 초 아 예 예 멋져 와 아 뭐 리지드 볼 가운 카이 스테이 우월 카이 oo 아 아 here we we we 아 아 파 우드 유 없어 거라서 5 잇힝 잇힝 2 안했고 왜냐 ic… Read More »

Gemini Weekly Love They want you!! Soulmate connection Wow!!! Oct 11-18

hello my beautiful Gemini’s thank you guys for checking out my channel my name is Jennifer from JenniferWalkerzen.com here to bring you a weekly forecast for October 11 to the 18th guys this is gonna be three singles couples or anyone in between or any one of these love messages and thank you so much… Read More »

Zodiac Signs In Hell

what happened what is this place ah sweet Oh ah Scarpa this doesn’t even look like hell ouch ah never mind the floss definitely made a fire alright guys I followed you to plan to get the dog here hey Taurus I am paying attention um yeah uh hold on I’ll come over in a… Read More »