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जानिये मेष राशि का स्वभाव,स्वास्थय,कैरियर,शुभ नबंर !! Aries personality traits !! astrology/jyotish

Hello friends welcome to our channel Today we will talk about Aries zodiac as per moon sign. how are the people of sign Aries like? their nature, their career, their health, lucky number and lucky stone. about these things today I will tell you in this video. Aries people are neither smaller nor more then… Read More »

Kemadruma Aur Sakat Yogas In Your Horoscope [Eng Subtitles]

Music Hello and welcome to Saptarishi’s astrology channel. In our last discussion we talked about Gaj – Kesari Yoga. Continuing with the same series, today we will be discussing about Chandradhi Yoga’s. Along with that, we will be also discussing about other yoga’s like; Kemdruma yoga, Adhi yoga, Sakat yoga, Anapha , Sunapha and Durdhara… Read More »

29 SEPTEMBER 2019 | DAINIK /Aaj ka RASHIFAL | Daily /Today Horoscope | Bhavishyafal in Hindi

कुडंली पढ़ना सीखे राशियो के स्वामी ग्रह #04 Astrology/horoscope/jyotish for beginners in Hindi

Hello friends, welcome you again in our series in learn astrology in Hindi Friends i had told you about 12 Zodiac Signs , 9 Planets, and 12 Houses in our previous videos. In our today’s video i’ll tell you about the lord planets of Zodiac Signs. Means which Planet rules on which Zodiac Sign that… Read More »

Makar Rashi June 2019 | Capricorn Horoscope June | #Horoscope Prediction June 2019

Welcome to jyotish ratan live I am acharya pandit sarvadanand sharma Greetings to all of you friends today we will discuss about horoscope for Capricorn zodiac people for june month and will tell you how is your horoscope this month but horoscope is made on basis of state of you transit that that how is… Read More »

25 April 2019 AAJ KA RASHIFAL Today horoscope Daily / Dainik bhavishyafal in Hindi Suresh Shrimali

आपको करोड़पति बना देगा कुंडली का यह योग | astrology/horoscope/jyotish in hindi | gajkesari yog

Hello friends today we gonna talk about a new topic related to “KUNDLI YOGA” which can make you a billionaire. Today we will tell you the famous RAJ YOGA- GAJ KESRI YOGA. What is GAJ KESRI YOG? How it is in some horoscope? Did you have it in your horoscope too? Or not? Today we… Read More »

18 May 2019, AAJ KA RASHIFAL ।Today horoscope |Daily /Dainik bhavishyafal in Hindi Suresh Shrimali

14 May 2019, AAJ KA RASHIFAL ।Today horoscope |Daily /Dainik bhavishyafal in Hindi Suresh Shrimali

कर्म vs भाग्य सफलता की कहानी सफल लोगो की जुबानी | astrology and horoscope

कर्म vs भाग्य सफलता की कहानी सफल लोगो की जुबानी