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Sex & the Taurus Astrology Sign | Zodiac Love Guide

The body part connected to Taurus is the neck and the top of the chest area. Let me explain that in astrology, each sign has an affinity to or a connection to a body part, and for Taurus, the throat, the neck, and the top of the chest is the area that Taurus rules, therefore,… Read More »

Sex & the Cancer Astrology Sign | Zodiac Love Guide

Cancer is the sign in the zodiac of nurturing and of giving. So basically the cancer person is very giving in a sexual way, very affectionate, loves to be cuddle and coddled. The part of body that cancer rules is the chest and the breast area. In a certain way it relates to being a… Read More »

Sex & the Virgo Astrology Sign | Zodiac Love Guide

The part of the body that Virgo rules is the stomach area. This is from the bottom of the chest all the way down to the beginning of the pubic area, we call it something else. In astrology, each sign is connected to, and what we say rules, a certain body part. For Virgo this… Read More »

Sex & the Capricorn Astrology Sign | Zodiac Love Guide

Capricorn rules the knees in astrology. Let me explain that. The signs are all connected in some way to a part of the body, and for Capricorn, it is the knees. Now this has a symbolic meaning because Capricorn tends to be an achiever and a go-getter and the knees, of course, propel human beings… Read More »

Sex & the Aquarius Astrology Sign | Zodiac Love Guide

The parts of the body that Aquarius rules are the calves and ankles. Let me explain, in Astrology each sign is aligned with or has some kind of affinity to a body part; rules, as we say, that body part. In some way it symbolizes what the sign is about. Aquarius is a sign of… Read More »

Sex & the Leo Astrology Sign | Zodiac Love Guide

Leo is the sign of strength and power. The body part in astrology that Leo rules is the spine. When one talks about having courage you say, “He has good backbone.” or, “She’s got good spine.” When I say rules, every sign in the zodiac is connected to or aligned with in some way rules… Read More »

Sex & the Scorpio Astrology Sign | Zodiac Love Guide

In astrology Scorpio is the sign of sex. What this means is that Scorpio represents the power of procreation, of creation, the power of birth, life, death, and rebirthing. So, all of that symbolically represents what the Scorpio journey is about. In body parts, the sign of Scorpio rules the genitals. Now, other signs may… Read More »

Are Cancer & Virgo Compatible? | Zodiac Love Guide

Cancer and Virgo do make a lovely love affair and it can proceed into a very solid, not only affair but a relationship and then a marriage. Cancer and Virgo are alike in many of its needs. Cancer is sensitive, interior. It is very romantic. It tends also to be a protector and to nurture… Read More »

Sex & the Pisces Astrology Sign | Zodiac Love Guide

The part of the body Pisces rules are the feet. And in astrology, each sign is connected to/aligned with/ what we call ruled; a part of the body. For Pisces, the feet are important because, in many ways, the feet represent our ability to move forward in life. For a Piscean particularly, I’ll just touch… Read More »

8 Zodiac Sign Combinations That Are Perfect Matches

The 5+ Zodiac Pairings That Are Total Matches Made In Heaven 8. Gemini and Aquarius. Aquarius and Gemini are both air signs, but it’s their mental and emotional connection that makes these two such a great zodiac pairing. When the right Gemini and Aquarius come together, these two will always know what the other one… Read More »