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There Are Mysterious Objects at the Edge of Sagittarius A*, Here’s What We Know

At the center of our galaxy is a black hole with the mass of 4 million suns called Sagittarius A*. Around it is a complicated structure of dust and gas, and after 12 years of peering into it, astronomers have discovered several objects they weren’t expecting to find. Objects that have some unusual characteristics. They’re… Read More »

Seth MacFarlane performs his Family Guy voices | The Graham Norton Show – BBC

because when you were directing yourself I said how hard was it as an actor not to do voices because that is kind of your life yeah I mean it was it was it was it was less of a leap than I was then I feared it would be you know they’re doing Family… Read More »

President Trump Reportedly Refers to Ivanka as “Baby” in Official Meetings

Let’s get to the news. President Trump is expected to travel to Japan next month to attend the final day of the country’s summer Grand Sumo Tournament. These are the only Trump stories I still like, the ones where he does something he’d be doing if he weren’t president, like this or playing golf or… Read More »

Bill Hader on Playing a Hit Man Who Wants to Be an Actor

-Hi, my friend! -Hello, friend. -I am so — We were talking backstage. The first two episodes of “Barry” that I watched — it’s just fantastic. -Oh, thank you. -You play a hitman. -Uh-huh. -Who wants to become an actor. -Uh-huh. -How — [ Light laughter ] How did you come up with that idea?… Read More »