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कुडंली पढ़ना सीखे #6 ग्रहो की दृष्टि learn astrology ! Jyotish shastra ! Kundali

Hello friends, Welcome to the learning series how to read the horoscope In the previous video, I told you about exalted and debilitated zodiac signs of planets In today’s video I will tell you about the vision of the planets. I.e. Any planet in the horoscope is sitting in any of 12 houses, I will… Read More »

Welcome to Starzology – Astrology with Alison Price ⭐️

This is my welcome to my Starzology astrology channel on YouTube. On this channel you will find horoscopes and astrological information for the five main points of a creative life; love, money, creativity, well-being, and vision. I talk about positive things for each of your signs. What you’ll get from me is uplifting horoscopes and… Read More »

Learn Astrology – Timing Events in the Birth Chart/Horoscope/Kundali

Hi, I’m Dr. Sagar Today I shall explain how to time events in life. In the previous videos, we have seen the method of prediction, for example, if we see Venus in the 7th House, the 7th House is the House for marriage, and Venus is the planet for marriage… then we know that this… Read More »

Welcome to Date With Destiny

Hello, I am Dr. Sagar Patwardhan. Since the last 15 years, I have been a Palmist and an Astrologer. I welcome you to my channel, DATE WITH DESTINY. Here, I will share with you my experience in these two sciences. For those who are aspiring to learn Palmistry and Astrology, this will be a very… Read More »

How to Read & Draw an Astrology Birth Chart (For Beginners)

Hi, I’m Dr. Sagar. Today we shall discuss the basics of Birth Charts, and understanding the Birth Chart. We will first see how a birth chart is made. I have drawn this figure; imagine this is the Earth. Consider it as the Earth, imagine a circle around the Earth. Each circle is 360 degrees and… Read More »

Learn Astrology – Planets in the Birth Chart Explained (for Beginners)

Hi, I’m Dr. Sagar. Today we shall discuss the significance of planets. In the previous videos, we discussed how a birth chart is made, then we saw the significance of the Houses in the birth chart. Now it is important to know the significance of planets. There are 7 main planets. Let us start with… Read More »