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Palmistry – The Different Signs On Your Palm (Auspicious & Inauspicous)

We shall see in this video, that there are many different signs on the palm I would like to state right in the beginning that the signs on the mounts are the most significant. So you will have to check for signs that are present on the mounts. The intention behind creating this video (on… Read More »

✔ Different Types of MARRIAGE Lines | Palmistry & Palm Reading

Hi, I’m Dr. Sagar. Today, in this video, we are discussing the Marriage Line, in particular, the finer details of the Marriage Line. First I will show you where to locate the Marriage Line, which we can also refer to as the Relationship Line. We have seen the phalanx, the lower end of the little… Read More »


Hi, I’m Dr. Sagar. Today in this video, we shall discuss the combinations that bring about Litigation, and its causes. These are some points to note as causes of litigation. This is the mount of Sun. The first cause is when the mount of Sun is underdeveloped. Next is if a network of vertical and… Read More »

Palmistry – Understanding the LIFE LINE (Quality of Life, Health, Age & Disease)

Hi, I’m Dr. Sagar. This video is about the Life line, the most important line in the hand. There are a lot of misconceptions about it. The first thing I’d like to say is that it indicates the quality of life, and not quantity (duration). So if someone has a very short Life line, say… Read More »

Palmistry – Right Hand Vs Left Hand Meaning Explained – Which Hand to Read ?

Hi, I’m Dr. Sagar. There is a lot of confusion regarding which hand ought to be studied for predictions. While some believe that a woman’s left hand and a man’s right hand ought to be seen for predictions, in this video, I am going to clear the confusion surrounding the Right hand and the Left… Read More »

Palmistry – 7 Types of FATE LINE and their Meaning

Hi, I’m Dr. Sagar. Today we are discussing the most important line – the Fate line in our hand. The Fate line can be seen from two points of view – the Indian point of view and the western point of view. First we will see the Fate line from the Indian point of view.… Read More »