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The Year of The Horse in Chinese Zodiac – 2014

Happy New Year! 新年好! [ xīn nián hǎo] Can you recognize what the Chinese zodiac sign is on the screen? Last year was the year of the snake so this year must be the year of the horse. In Chinese, horse is called 马 [ mǎ ]. So the year of the horse is called… Read More »

24 Hours In The Life Of An Astronomer

Have you ever wondered what it must be like to be an astronomer? Let’s take you behind the scenes and see what 24 hours in the life of an ESO staff astronomer is like. The countdown for an exciting night with an observation run at the world´s most advanced optical telescope, the ESO VLT, has… Read More »

☉ Sun in Aries ♈ ~Part 1~ (Tropical)

Hello again so let’s talk about each individual sign today right now Aries the first sign of the zodiac Aries is a Fire sign it’s one of the three it’s a Cardinal sign which means it’s all about progressing moving forward, building, all the cardinal signs mark a beginning of one of the seasons Aries… Read More »

Discovery Channel – Large Asteroid Impact Simulation

An asteroid with a diameter of 500 km. Destination: The Pacific Ocean. The impact peels the 10 km crust off the surface. The shockwave travels at hypersonic speeds. Debris is blasted across into low Earth orbit, and returns to destroy the surface of the Earth. The firestorm encircles the Earth, vaporizing all life in its… Read More »


HEYY.. Do u have a retrograde venus ? Ever wondered how retro venus acan influnce you?? ? how to handle a retro venus person?? to knw the answers, you need to wait for a second. First, Let me introduce myself. My name is astro ominis. And in this video am going to SHARE some Useful… Read More »

“Natural Vs Functional” Benefic and Malefic in Vedic astrology

in last video we discussed about the polarities of planet how this positivity of jupiter is balanced by the negativity of saturn how Mars and Venus balance out each other and what are the other polarities in the planets in today’s video we are going to talk about the natural vs. functional benefit and malefic… Read More »

That One Friend Who Believes in Horoscopes

– Your horoscope for the next few minutes, “You will laugh tremendously, “and then click Subscribe.” (unicorn neighing) What up, everyone, it’s your girl, Superwoman, and the other day, I was having a conversation with my friend and they hit me with the question. – I don’t know, anyways, it threw me off a little… Read More »

RAHU in Vedic Astrology (RAHU in Jyotish)

(orchestral music) – In last video we discussed about Saturn. Saturn completes the journey of the soul from sun to sun. Saturn is a son of sun. So he brings back the soul for his father, back to the soul. Today we are going to talk about Rahu. (electronic music) Namaste and welcome to Pramanik… Read More »