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Does a Person’s Upbringing Tell You All You Need to Know? | Tell My Story

Choosing To Be Here – Matt Kahn

as we begin tonight we’re just gonna take a breath and that’s it and just knowing that our only job is to just fully be here which we’ll weave in nicely to the teaching tonight’s teaching might be most appropriately called choosing to be here and the reason is is because what we find living… Read More »

GOD’S PLAN FOR YOU | Understanding Your Purpose – Inspirational & Motivational Video

Here’s a question What is the purpose of getting up in the morning what wakes me up what what drives me forward What directs me what what is the purpose of all that I am that I’m doing in the whole of my life Not just in faith, but in my family in my future… Read More »

Weekly Horoscope August 1st to 7th, 2016 – True Sidereal Astrology

Welcome to this MTZ weekly astrology forecast for August 1st to the 7th, 2016. This week we have a New Moon in Cancer.. the Sun, Mars & Jupiter changing sign, as well as a Mercury t-square over the weekend. This is a week of new beginnings, a shift of focus, intention, and outlook, as well… Read More »

Tony Robbins: Mastering Your Psychology ( Tony Robbins Traning )

Oh Do you need someone is not gonna listen to your bullshit it’s gonna push you until you develop the discipline to develop the skill and even then they’re gonna know the little things the two millimeter things you don’t know that could save you a decade how many follow this AI so don’t get… Read More »

Remember Why You’re Here

Here’s a question for you: Why are you here? I mean, WHY are you living? Have you ever contemplated that? “What’s the reason I’m here, living this life? What do I want out of this life? What do I want to do? What do I want to experience? Why?” We’re all so busy with the… Read More »

Would You Date Someone From A Different Religion? | Tell My Story

– So it’s like you know, you go with your shoulders and like that. – [Sarah] Oh cool. – Or you can go like, two steps. You know, yeah so it’s all this rhythm and energy and smiling and keeping it going. (hypnotic melodic music) – The kind of guys that I’m attracted to I… Read More »

JennRoysterShow: Angel Insights Full Moon Lunar Eclipse

the Jenn Royster show intuitive guidance to inspire your life is an inspirational hour that’ll take you on an epic metaphysical journey to discover the spiritual approach to life’s greatest challenges dr. Jenn Royster is an internationally known intuitive counselor spiritual teacher and energy healer imagine having the ability to use your innate positive energy… Read More »

Planet Strength in Astrology.. How to Master Your Birth Chart!

Life certainly has its grace and its challenges. Situations and experiences in our life are consistently requiring us to grow and evolve as spiritual beings. Powerful tools such as astrology can help us see exactly what these experiences are and what we can do to use these experiences as opportunities for our spiritual development. In… Read More »

Would You Date a Single Parent or Divorcé? | Tell My Story

– So our goal, game starts, and I forgot I didn’t have shorts on, so. – But you had underwear? – No, nothing. – What!? (laughing) Oh, oh no. – It was a strong breeze. It was a strong breeze. (soothing music) My deal breakers are somebody who doesn’t know themselves. You know, how can… Read More »