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How to deal with Jealousy – Featuring Ari Fitz

Hi guys, I’m Stevie! And I’m Ari Fitz. Today we’re gonna talk about jealousy. Alright. (with attitude) I don’t think I’m a very jealous person. I most definitely am. It was your idea to make a video about how not to be jealous. Uh, Stevie, I am who I am. So we need to give… Read More »

The Secret Lives of Women: A Man’s Astrological Guide to Love and Intimacy

– Hello, everyone, and welcome to Erotic Book Club, the book club where we read erotic books. I am your host, Jess. With me, as always, is Rekha. – Hello. – Thank you all so much for being here, whether you are listening, wherever you get your podcasts, whether you’re watching on CH2 or whether… Read More »