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The Annoying Flyer Guy | Anwar Jibawi

people ask why do fliers come from you park you go into the store you do your thing you go about your day and then you come out and you see a surprise are you kidding Mary a flyer right there waiting for you I don’t want belly Caudill meeting if you ask me it’s… Read More »

Every Girl’s Purse | Anwar Jibawi

thank you extra butter excited for movie night I mean I’ve never seen The Notebook but oh oh my god it’s so sad when they die at the end you just spoiled it yeah I guess I did well I’m sorry about that whatever my phone’s on 1% you saw have a charger oh yeah… Read More »

Taking Everything Literally | Anwar Jibawi

[laughter] She is so much taller than he is. [knock on door] Come in. Hey, cousin! Hey Hey man, uh, drop your stuff, make yourself comfortable. No, no, don’t take your pants off. You said get comfortable. Not that comfortable. Put ’em back on. All right, guys. This is my cousin, and he takes everything… Read More »