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Hello! This is Per-Wei Liao Today I don’t talk about love and interpersonal relationship Let us discuss about your job The job represents one-thirds of lifetime and one-thirds of daytime Actually, it is a crucial part But… Because of jobs, maybe many people suffer in the negativity So most people will… transfer the negative side… Read More »

Virgo Mid November – December 2017 Life Purpose, Money & Career Tarot Reading by Sloane Rhodes

Hi Virgo it is Sloane Rhodes with your life purpose career and money reading for mid-november 2017 through the end of December 2017 this is for virgos Sun Moon and rising and Virgo I am reminding all signs that I have previously released the October November December life purposeful career readings so you can take… Read More »

“The Crazy You Get” – Bestsellers Season 1, Episode 4

educate walking who do not distract fulfilled one take it so much to the property i’m really ok sitting alone in a restaurant with a book financials parents took this whole thing up again do you like someone heavily guarded i’m sure i would love to hear every detail what your recent divorce i can’t… Read More »

“The War Between the Ages” – Bestsellers Season 1, Episode 5

scary united community three years fast mafia the whole world issue crashed yes it is really unfair what do you like about the case you have let’s start with the side didn’t see it that’s because you’d use to meet your brain simply eliminates the sanctions so not on board with us in every way… Read More »

The Best Careers For You Based On Your Zodiac Sign

these are the best careers for you based on your zodiac sign many of us believe in the power of the zodiac sign there are people out there who live their lives based on what the stars tell them about their sign for example some people read up on which sign they are compatible with… Read More »

Cancer Mid November – December 2017 Life Purpose, Money & Career Tarot Reading by Sloane Rhodes

Hi Cancer it is Sloane Rhodes here with you our life purpose career and money redeemed for the months of mid-november through the end of the year December 2017 this is for cancer Sun Moon and rising. ok cancer I’m gonna be drawing one card from the Angels of abundance as the overarching theme and… Read More »

Aries Life Purpose, Career & Money – May, June, July 2018 Tarot Reading by Sloane Rhodes

hi everyone welcome to the video before I start the readings I want to let you know that I do have some new online courses available on how to read oracle cards and crystals and spiritualities so click on the link below to check them out Hi Everyone, it is Sloane Rhodes here with your… Read More »

Vastu Without Demolition.

In VAASTU, we will work out on, that how to give the solution of the problems without demolition. From today’s, everything will work as a remedy, Either it is the glass of water or it is the decorative showpiece so you should know, how to bifurcate the objects into the planets, that how it is… Read More »

Why Predictions Fails In ASTROLOGY???

Astrology, A new chapter for you, But in reality VAASTU and astrology are two aspects of the same coin. You are practicing the VAASTU and you have seen that the thing is there and it is also visible but no symptoms are visible. Why is this happening? That’s the reason behind this where jyotish works… Read More »