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Images of Space: Meteor Shower 2014 – Planets & Comets / Astronomy What’s Up for December 2014

More meteor showers and plenty of planets. Hello and welcome. I’m Jane Histon-Jones from Nasas Jet Propulsion Laboratory. If the weather marred your meteor watching in November , don’t worry. The December Geminids and Ursids offer up two more chances to see meteor showers this year. The constellation Gemini namesake of the Geminids and location… Read More »

BALANCE, votre HOROSCOPE du 23 au 29 novembre 2018 by Christine HAAS, astrologue de RTL.

LION, votre HOROSCOPE du 23 au 29 novembre 2018 by Christine HAAS, astrologue de RTL.

Nine of Cups – Happiness – tarot minor arcana divination meanings

The 9 of Cups, happiness, which is Jupiter ruling the 2nd decanate of Pisces. Jupiter is happy, we are back on to the centre of Tree of Life and Yesod. We are out of the Hod and Netzach mess. we are on track again. Crowley says, this card is the patient culmination of the original… Read More »

A Day on Mercury – 60 Second Adventures in Astronomy (4/14)

60-Second Adventures in Astronomy. Number four: a Day on Mercury. No two planets act exactly the same whether it’s Jupiter spinning in only 10 hours, Venus spinning backwards or Uranus tilting to one side. But Mercury is particularly strange, it takes nearly 59 Earth days to rotate, which might make for a pretty long day… Read More »

Black Holes – 60 Second Adventures in Astronomy (12/14)

60 Second Adventures in Astronomy. Number twelve, Black Holes. DIY tip 34 – How do you make yourself a black hole? A black hole occurs when something has so much mass in such a small space, that nothing can escape its gravitational pull – not even light. In 1931 Subrahmanyan Chandrasekhar calculated that, if a… Read More »

Brown Dwarfs: Crash Course Astronomy #28

The sky, we now know, is full of stars AND planets. Stars are massive enough to fuse hydrogen into helium in their cores, generating energy. The heat created by that process tries to expand them, but their gravity balances that outward force, creating an equilibrium. Planets, even gas giants like Jupiter, are far too small… Read More »

Urban Astronomy | Science in the City | Exploratorium

– So the satellite we’re actually looking at– well, that we’re gonna see in about three minutes– we can’t see it, but it’s somewhere over there– takes about eight minutes to go across the sky, but it’s only reflecting sunlight for the couple seconds we’re gonna see it here in about three minutes. So the… Read More »

TAUREAU, votre HOROSCOPE du 26 octobre au 1 novembre 2018 by Christine HAAS, astrologue de RTL.