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(Interview of Rahu) in Vedic Astrology (Activate Subtitles) A Short Film

by spreading the word about me, you know how much I love notoriety. didn’t you wish if you had a change to meet me, and thank me, so, here I am…I am listening If I didn’t exist, you wouldn’t be here… are you afraid of me…. I have been watching you for quite a while… Read More »

Rahu Ketu Secrets in Vedic Astrology by Michael Reed

namaste and welcome to chromatic astrology channel today we have with us Michael Reid from pulse of the years welcome Michael to Pramanik Astrology channel thank you for having me on again yes thank you I have noticed that you are working on Academy what is that all of it can you just tell me… Read More »

Transit Vs Dasha in Vedic Astrology

in last video we discussed about the planets through houses this video is different from the playlists in this video we are going to talk about the transits vs. Dasha what is transit what is Dasha how they are calculated and what is the importance of transit and Dasha so keep watching namaste and welcome… Read More »

Understanding Uniqueness of Planets In Vedic Astrology By V P Goel [Russian Subtitles]

Астрология Сапта Риши Нажимайте на кнопку “Подписаться”, особенно на Колокольчик справа. Иначе вы пропустите свежие видео В.П. Гоэл Преподаёт Астрологию в Институте Саптариши Дели Осознание уникальности Планет Вопросы и Ответы Шри Винод Пракаш Гоэл И так, давайте займёмся вашими вопросами в оставшееся время Не с самого начала, иначе начнётся путаница Позвольте мне рассказать некоторые основы… Read More »

Astro Discussions – Understanding Sun In Your Horoscopes (With Eng Subtitles)

OM (Music) People have praised you so much Panditji’s telephone no 8948765000 I have one belief that we have to enter the base of Jyotish’s When a native comes to an astrologer firstly he wants to know how he can change is fate main intention of the Vedic Rishi was astrologer should worship the 9… Read More »

Why Predictions Fails In ASTROLOGY???

Astrology, A new chapter for you, But in reality VAASTU and astrology are two aspects of the same coin. You are practicing the VAASTU and you have seen that the thing is there and it is also visible but no symptoms are visible. Why is this happening? That’s the reason behind this where jyotish works… Read More »

Shoe Rack Placement As Per Vastu

How to understand one functioning? In how many ways one object refracting the things? What is the importance of shoe rack? How to place a shoe rack in your home? Give importance on that. Those people who thinks that shoes gives support to our body for them direction will be North West. Those sports persons… Read More »


HEYY.. Do u have a retrograde venus ? Ever wondered how retro venus acan influnce you?? ? how to handle a retro venus person?? to knw the answers, you need to wait for a second. First, Let me introduce myself. My name is astro ominis. And in this video am going to SHARE some Useful… Read More »

Venus in 2nd House of Vedic Astrology Birth Chart

in last video we discussed about the effects of Saturn in the second house of your horoscope in this video we are going to talk about what happens when you have Venus in the second house of your birth chart so keep watching namaste and welcome to Pramanik Astrology Channel I’m your host prasad mahajani… Read More »

Saturn in 3rd House of Vedic Astrology Birth Chart

what can you expect when the planet of hard work is into the house of self-effort miracles if you want to know more about Saturn in the third house keep watching in the last video we discussed about the effect of Jupiter in the third house of your horoscope in this video we are going… Read More »