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New Miracle School: Change Your Destiny With Star Astrology

A few weeks ago, the Bombay High Court, or Mumbai High Court as it is called now, ruled against a case. The case was against astrology being a pseudo-science. The High Court ruled that already the Supreme Court had upheld that astrology is a science and that judgement is binding on this High Court. The… Read More »

The Science of Astrology

Today, I’m looking to the sky, but before I do don’t forget to subscribe to my channel if you want to learn more about that thing in your head, not that juicy rumor you heard about your best friend’s third-cousin’s-aunt’s-brother-in-law’s-best-friend’s-sister (you can tell me about that later), but the brain. With that said, today, on… Read More »

Do You Have The Letter ‘M’ On The Palm : Here Is What It Means

Do You Have The Letter M On The Palm: Here Is What It Means THE LINES ON THE PALM OF YOUR HAND CAN REVEAL A LOT ABOUT YOU. THE CHARISMA OF LOVE, LIFE, SUCCESS, HEALTH. This phenomenon is not so common, but those who can read this letter on their palm. It is formed by… Read More »

MindBlowing Occult Sanskrit Hebrew Etymology Symbolism: Vedic Origins of Civilization

India is the birthplace of language mathematics religion in its the cradle of the human race All roads lead to India Sanskrit is the mother of all the world’s oldest living languages NASA scientists declare that Sanskrit is the most pure of all the world’s languages Sanskrit is the sacred language of ancient pre Brahmin… Read More »

Ancient Religions, Bible, Government, Astrology & Understanding Philosophy Theology Vol. 1

greetings everyone Eric again and today I’m going to start by using a little thing that came from Confucius he used to quote that signs and symbols rule the world not merely just phases and laws so if you’re reading the title of this video you’ll see that it says ancient mystery religions the Bible… Read More »

Is Anything Real?

Hey, Vsauce. Michael here. Where are your fingers? Seriously. It’s a pretty easy question. You should be able to answer it. But how do you know? How does anyone know anything? You might say, well, I know where my fingers are. I’m looking right at them. Or, I can touch them, I can feel them,… Read More »

Private Esoteric Knowledge of the Christ Within

in the brine in the cranium there is the cerebrum and in the cerebrum and in particular the classroom the classroom is sitting right there in the middle of the head virtually from the classroom there is a secretion Brian fluid and this fluid is an oil and in ancient times this fluid was called… Read More »

Ancient Knowledge – Part 2: Fibonacci Sequence, Golden Ratio, Phi, DNA

one of the most intriguing discoveries of modern science is the fact that there is nothing in this world that even approaches what might be called truly solid we speak of solids liquids and gases but these terms describe superficial rather than basic properties of matter all matter regardless of its state is composed of… Read More »