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Tamil Video : Change your Karma with Astrology (English Subtitles)

Om Ganeshaya Namaha, let us start this auspicious function by lighting the traditional lamp. Kalpana Dhilipkumar lights the lamp followed by Astrologer Smt Kamala Selvam lights the lamp Now I invite the speakers for the day Smt. Kamala Selvam, E K Dhilip Kumar and Master Yuvaraj Sowma Please give them a big round of applause… Read More »

Bro Code with Girls | The Screen Patti

“You know all the steps of ‘Saat Samundar.. -That’s awesome, dude!” Okay so.. see you tomorrow.. I should leave now. Hey wait! Are you mad or what? Will you go alone so late at night? Have you seen the time? Hold on a second. Hey Honey! Listen! This is Sonali. Please drop her till Andheri?… Read More »