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Ask Kevin: House Cusps at Critical Degrees

Justin, thank you for your question. “Critical degrees” is a term that shows up quite a lot in older astrology books. It may refer to the last few degrees of a sign, or only to the 29th degree of a sign. But at least in natal astrology, the idea of a “critical degree” has almost… Read More »

#AstrologyExplained | Jupiter Direct in Virgo – May 9th 2016 – How to Reboot Your Life

Jupiter Direct in Virgo – May 9th 2016 hired by various ideas are welcome matter and now the south and astrology I gave you might actually take on the world of astrology well we have a breakthrough every pre that well she turns direct info on main tonight so four days time the energy is… Read More »

10th aspect of Saturn stunning secrets for All Houses – The Karmic Drishti Part 2 [Eng Subtitles]

Music Mohitji: Hello friends, welcome to Saptarishi’s astrology YouTube channel. Friends we once again have with us Shri Ashutosh Bharadwaj. Today he would be telling us about 10th aspect of Saturn in different houses. We are already done with a session on 7th aspect of Saturn, which you all have watched and appreciated as well.… Read More »

10th aspect of Saturn what will give you ??– The Karmic Drishti Secret Part 1 [Eng Subtitles]

Music Mohitji: Friends, once again we have with us Shri Ashutosh Bharadwaji. Today he will be telling us about 10th aspect of Saturn. In earlier videos he spoke about 3rd,7th and 10th aspect of Saturn. Today he would be telling us about the 10th aspect of Saturn with examples and how it can influences our… Read More »

Neptune in Astrology is DECEIVINGLY DIFFICULT!

$dfO Index/Document.iwa en_US: Application/Blank/Traditionalb Canon_iP2800_series na-letter Blank” [cV?% A?->+4%x }?-u g?-~>%Q’Y?-J’Y2 0Ap{?% `y?% /N5?% &>-0/ 5&>- .exV2 /efaPB ]p*? -!x(0 1>%a>z*( A0!s KW` Standard TOC `-.$ Hi everyone. Heather here with astrology D.com and I am back>0special video this tis going to be all about Neptu We’re discuss H in the birth chart cDalso transits… Read More »

Ask Kevin: Aspects in Secondary Progression

Abi, thank you for your question. Interpreting aspects in the natal chart is far more complicated than people think, especially when the aspect is between two personal planets. It’s not possible to interpret Moon conjunct Venus. You have to consider your specific Moon and your specific Venus, including the signs involved, the houses ruled by… Read More »

Basics of Aries | Astro2Go Sun Signs

Hello sweeties! Today we are going to learn all about the Sun in Aries! Now Aries is the cardinal, fire sign and it is ruled by Mars. So what does cardinal sign- what does cardinal fire sign ruled by Mars mean? Cardinal means action-oriented, movement- so moving forward. And fire is kinda about that too.… Read More »

Kemadruma Aur Sakat Yogas In Your Horoscope [Eng Subtitles]

Music Hello and welcome to Saptarishi’s astrology channel. In our last discussion we talked about Gaj – Kesari Yoga. Continuing with the same series, today we will be discussing about Chandradhi Yoga’s. Along with that, we will be also discussing about other yoga’s like; Kemdruma yoga, Adhi yoga, Sakat yoga, Anapha , Sunapha and Durdhara… Read More »

Vedic Astrology KYC (Know Your Chart) Ep02: Debilitation of planets

do you have any planet debilitated in your chart and you get scared of the debilitation in this video we are going to dive deep into the concept of debilitation in our program know your chart kyc so if you want to know more about the debilitation of the planet keep watching namaste and welcome… Read More »

12th house in astrology by Sunil Ghaisas [Eng Subtitles]

Music. Upcoming events. After learning 11th house now we will learn the 12th house. We have learnt that our gains are through 11th house now we look at our expenditure through 12th house. It is also called ‘Expenditure’ of our ‘self’ because it is 12th from ascendant. As per Jataka parijata book, ‘Lagnaat antyata’ which… Read More »