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JANUARY FULL MOON Aries Leo Ophiuchus Sagittarius Reading – Fire Sign

this is the energy vibration reading for the fire sign Sun Moon and rising sign this is the first full moon reading for the year 2019 I want to say thank you for being here this energy vibration is for on the Aries Leo Sagittarius and Ophiuchus people okay so well this is going to… Read More »


Aries Man and Leo Woman Compatibility

When it comes to determining the fate of a relationship, many people believe in astrological signs compatibility. Though there is no proof as such, about the dependability of zodiac sign compatibility, we often end up checking our compatible zodiac signs (for fun also). Each of the zodiac signs is ruled by a certain set of… Read More »

Aries man in relationship

Aries man in relationship If you enter relationship with Aries man you must prepare yourself for few things: 1. you must be ready that it is usually him who wants to lead in relationship. Aries man will like to direct your relationship – to pump it up or to slow it down. He will not… Read More »

How to Seduce a Pisces by Kelli Fox, The Astrologer

Hi Im Kelli Fox with How to Seduce a Pisces: The Fish makes for a highly emotional, even intuitive lover, they’re someone who senses what their partner desires and they strive to give it to them. They can be somewhat shy or reserved when it comes to sensuality, and won’t be very aggressive, even behind… Read More »

Aries Horóscopo Semanal 17 al 23 de Junio + Numero y día de la suerte

[Music] welcome my warriors to this reading weekly from 17 to 23 June I am jot and jot’re here in my channel tarot want to invite you subscribe activate the bell for you reach all my notifications if the first time you’re seeing my videos and if you are already subscribed then Welcome once again… Read More »