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Does a Person’s Upbringing Tell You All You Need to Know? | Tell My Story

August Wrap Up | 2019

This is a reminder to me to speak louder because I know my audio isn’t very good in my videos and I’m sorry so let me know if this is better and yeah I will put subtitles on because I’m just lazy so I haven’t bothered but I will do that too because I know… Read More »

4.21 “Dealing with Consequences, Part II” | Out With Dad

This series is funded by fans like you. So is it what you and Alex have? Is that true love? I don’t know if it’s true love but… it will be one day. I have to believe that. How can you know that true love is real if you’ve never experienced it? Because I’ve seen… Read More »

“Coffee!” – Bestsellers Season 1, Episode 1

still not ready babysit go back to bed all weekend fifty sadaf and analytical work again well fits and now i’m not you’re all set for the sixteen th that got you on the ten a_m_ flights business but i’m sure they’ll bump you up and sumit be appa hustler you’re going to die i’m… Read More »