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Homoscope – Épisode #1

TODAY’S HOMOSCOPE: Today, Mars aligns with Saturn to screw you over nicely. #Life_is_a_bitchThe nice dress and the henna mean that I’m going to get married.I’m lucky, right?Well, in a way, it’s what I wanted. What are you doing my daughter? Making yourself pretty for your fiancé? I’m coming! – Hang in there my friend! –… Read More »

How to deal with Jealousy – Featuring Ari Fitz

Hi guys, I’m Stevie! And I’m Ari Fitz. Today we’re gonna talk about jealousy. Alright. (with attitude) I don’t think I’m a very jealous person. I most definitely am. It was your idea to make a video about how not to be jealous. Uh, Stevie, I am who I am. So we need to give… Read More »

Seminar Familiar Spirits 102017: Divination, Sorcery, Necromancy, Clairvoyancy. Suffer Not A Witch!

All right good evening All right, we should have had Vivian keep preaching she made a couple of errors our number one when you bring all the people here what she meant to say was we bringing the Kelly she’s right now. We’re Welcome to that Arizona deliverance Center is the van from Flagstaff here… Read More »

Why I’m Coming Out As Gay

I’ve never been more emotionally stressed in my life I just worry about your sanity and ability to do it all You gotta think this is the most expensive coming out video ever. When I told my parents it was shocking. Everything’s closing in on you. We’re running out of time. Am I ever finally… Read More »

August Wrap Up | 2019

This is a reminder to me to speak louder because I know my audio isn’t very good in my videos and I’m sorry so let me know if this is better and yeah I will put subtitles on because I’m just lazy so I haven’t bothered but I will do that too because I know… Read More »

4.21 “Dealing with Consequences, Part II” | Out With Dad

This series is funded by fans like you. So is it what you and Alex have? Is that true love? I don’t know if it’s true love but… it will be one day. I have to believe that. How can you know that true love is real if you’ve never experienced it? Because I’ve seen… Read More »


(aries) We need to do a zodiac video now! (cancer) Don’t yell at me! (aquarius) what if we started with an angry aries? (scorpio) yas I loooove it! (aquarius) no, I wouldn’t say I “love” it, that’s too much commitment (Virgo) good thing I made to-do lists for us! (Gemini) Yeah, I agree. (Capricorn) Yeah… Read More »

9 Answers to Questions Why Leos are the Best Astrology Sign Center of the Sun Podcast

that’s nice Hello Hello you are listening to center of the Sun, your favorite culture, society, science podcast it’s Sunday thank you for listening first off I want to ask you to subscribe rate and review my show this is the sixth episode and I’m trying to make this bitch puff off I’m trying to… Read More »

Gemini Rage Quitting Because of EUGENE #Gemini #Astrology

E: Now there’s certain signs regardless of if you’re into astrology that have reputations outside of the cosmic universe A: Yeah oh it’s polarizing and let me just start off by saying kanye west trump E: (laughs) right at the bottom! (laughing) E: They’re very good at talking a lot of game sometimes without the… Read More »