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Palmistry | Good & Bad Signs in Palm for Relationships & Marriage | Affection Line Explained

A lot of people come to me and ask me questions about their marriage, they ask, “How will my married life be?” “how will my relationship be with my partner and my in-laws? This is why we have made this video, it is a video essentially for self-analysis in which you can see in your… Read More »

Palmistry reading of Medical Lab Scientist now Want to be Public Speaking

Palmistry Reading hand of a lady she is presently medical lab scientist and people who are in the sign field we basically see their mount of mercury and the finger of mercury these two are the most important areas to look for whenever we see a mole out here on the mercury mount a bead… Read More »

Love affair और विवाह की हस्त रेखा !!! Hast Rekha gyan for marriage in hindi $$ hand reading in hindi

Hello friends welcome on our channel friends today we will talk about how you can learn about love affairs or marriage.. by looking on lines of your palm of yourself or another person you can learn this by looking on marriage line of your palm First let me tell you that where is marriage line… Read More »


There are four major lines in the hands. This is the Life Line, it reflects your pulmonary system (Breathing). With other corresponding lines, that come in and touch the life line, you’ll see all achievements and guardian angel visits. This is your head & spine line. It reflects your mental energy and spinal health which… Read More »


The Life Line is more of a reflection of your Pulmonary System (breathing) and your general constitution, than length of life. Whenever there is a break and overlap in the line, it indicates an interruption in breaking. This individual had an episode when he stopped breathing from multiple Pulmonary embolisms, or blood clots in his… Read More »

Heart Line Tells A Lot About Your Personality-Palmistry

Welcome to another video on palmistry guys.If the heart line is chained as shown indicates the person is very sensitive,easily gets hurt and affected by what other people say about him or her. Chained heart line means that the main current from the heart gets disturbed which increases the chances of person getting heart related… Read More »

Millioniare Parking Lot Attendant /very rich/Very lucky hand with many signs /palm reading

Palmistry reading of a parking lot attendant. can he be rich. His headline this is the headline it branches out somewhere at the age of 35 so this is a very good sign indicating the person to be highly technically scale or good of business because this particular lines curves up towards the amount of… Read More »

hastrekha आप दिल से सोचते है या दिमाग से !! Reading palms !! Hand astrology !! Hastrekha in hindi

Hello friends, welcome to our channel Today we will talk about the brain line of your hand i.e. Headline From the head line we can easily find out whether we think from the heart or from our brain That means, Is our heart dominates our mind or our mind is on our heart friends, The… Read More »