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VIRGO Love Reading – April 2019

VIRGO Love Reading – April 2019 welcome this is the energy vibration reading for I know I’m looking what a thought this is the Love energy vibration reading for the Virgo Sun Moon Rising sign so when I say thank you for being here thank you for being back I swear I’m gonna get my… Read More »


HI Virgo and welcome to your reading this will be for May 2019 this is my channel hi and welcome to Calypso Tarot if this resonates with you that is wonderful if not don’t forget you have a moon and rising side you can look that up and those will give you a more clearer… Read More »



Welcome to Signs Of Autumn, my name is Karen Francis & I am your reader My readings are timeless, if you’d like any services from me as a reader all info is in the description box below Okay, Aries let’s get started First and foremost, I just want to make Spirit is pointing out a… Read More »

Daily Tarot October 24, 2019 ~ Bring Out Yer Dead!

hey guys and welcome back to Deku Tarot and welcome to your daily tarot reading for the 24th of October 2019 so we’re in Scorpio season now guys so here we are I’m working on the November readings that’s why I’m all done up right now because I’m trying to do some fun makeup looks… Read More »

ARIES Trabajo Dinero ♈ Julio 2019 ? SE GENEROSO Y AGRADECE

We are welcome again with this special reading for work and money let’s see how are the energies borrowed for you we are going to do it in a different way let’s to see those who are with a job or they have their own business work and money for you and at the same… Read More »

Pick a Card ☘️ March 2019 ☘️ Fire Signs ☘️ Aries Leo Sagittarius

hello fire signs welcome I’m Tarot Moon Light my name is rosemary and I have here pick a card for March 2019 and we have cards number one card number two and card number three I want you now to pick a card which resonates with you and what you feel strong with and that… Read More »

ARIES Fin de semana ♈ 21 al 23 junio 2019 ?? ILUSION

welcome to area us for this reading of the weekend from June 21 to 23 of this 2019 we will review how always in general how it will be affected that should boost this end of week that could be a little bit more complicated and get some advice for Have a wonderful weekend we… Read More »

ARIES 1 Quincena ♈ Julio 2019 ? LINDA ENERGIA

area we welcome again for this reading of the first fortnight of the month July of this year 2019 dear Aries very grateful is one of the signs that more support has had in the channel more comment as always the first what first of all so very very well Aries thank you very much… Read More »

ARIES Ex Pareja ♈ VOLVERA? ? 20 junio a 20 agosto 2019

hello arianos again here in the channel for this special special reading because we are going to perform this reading based on what ex-partners are relationships to be able to help let’s say to all those who still do not suffer for a previous relationship that still do not forget that you feel you have… Read More »