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Cancer & Sagittarius Sexual & Intimacy Compatibility

CANCER & SAGITTARIUS SEXUAL & INTIMACY COMPATIBILITY Cancer and Sagittarius will almost never get attracted to each other. If they do, against odds, they could find an interesting shared sexual language that none of them anticipated will be found. The changeable nature of Sagittarius can be somewhat difficult for Cancer to understand because of their… Read More »

Information on the Aries Woman,Love,Sexuality,Relationships,Likes and Dislikes

INFORMATION ON THE ARIES WOMAN ARIES WOMAN ARIES WOMAN IN LOVE When she falls in love, she will seem to be the most attractive woman on the planet. However insensitive this sign can sometimes be, she is primarily a woman. She will show her emotions through a typical flirting game and not be patient for… Read More »

Earth and Fire | Understanding The Elements of Astrology

– Practical, this is the part of us that’s grounded, that wants results, that wants to know how long is it gonna take, how much money is it gonna cost. Money, practicality, nail it down, put the t’s, dot the i’s, make sure everything’s you know we got insurance. How are the tires in the… Read More »

Cancer & Aquarius Sexual & Intimacy Compatibility

CANCER & AQUARIUS SEXUAL & INTIMACY COMPATIBILITY A sexual relationship between Cancer and Aquarius can be stressful for both partners. Although Cancer is considered the most sensitive sign of the zodiac, governed by the Moon, they can be quite rough and distant when they feel the need to set strong boundaries. Aquarius, on the other… Read More »

Applied Astrology Review: Emily

and go live one two three and we’re here hi Emmy hi I’m good how are you good good I’m Kris Rowse everyone and this is Emmy Emily Tanke is a Tanke it’s Tanke, Tanke and Emily was or Emmy as I caller is she was in my level one and then you took level… Read More »

Venus: Death of a Planet

From the fires of a sun’s birth, twin planets emerged. Venus and Earth. Two roads diverged in our young solar system. Nature draped one world in the greens and blues of life. While enveloping the other in acid clouds, high heat, and volcanic flows. Why did Venus take such a disastrous turn? And what light… Read More »

Astrology & Numerology Challenge (Announcement!)

okay guess what there’s a challenge coming up on Facebook on July 24th where we are doing a new marriage we did a marriage between astrology and divination cards now we’re doing a marriage I’m a married I perform marriages in case you didn’t know I officiate it’s one of my favorite things to do… Read More »

Water and Air | Understanding The Elements of Astrology

– This is a very important topic. That is the general foundation of all astrologies: The elements. So what I want you to hear is… before we get into the specifics about the signs, if you can just learn, as a beginner, to understand the elements and go deep with this, you’re gonna find great… Read More »

Chinese Lunar Calendar Explained: Story, Animals, Zodiac & Legend

hello everybody you’re watching Curious Pavel and this is the video I promised you if you watch this video till the end you learn why the Chinese knew it is on a different date every year which are the animals from the Chinese calendar why these are the animals a curious legend about them and… Read More »