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An Astrologer Explains Why Drake Is Such A Scorpio | Genius News

LETTY: Drake is set to drop a new album this June entitled ‘Scorpion.’ LETTY: The album seems to be an ode to his astrological sign — Scorpio — and that made us wonder: how well does Drizzy define his sign? COLIN: I was not surprised to find out that Drake is a Scorpio, because a… Read More »

Diviners – Tropic Love (feat. Contacreast) [Lyrics]

I remember the ocean, memories die out so hard. We were travelling the mountains, just to find the loudest seas. We settled down by the fire, knowing we could aim higher, but we didn’t know that yet. So if you want something to hold on to, gotta find it first. But here I am. ‘Cause… Read More »

Diviners Savannah(feat Philly K) Music Lyrics

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Lima – Falling (Official Audio)

My eyes will never tell you the truth Maybe because they are blue But one thing I know for sure I’m falling in love with you I’m falling in love with you I’m falling in love with you And I know oh I know hat you feel the same for me And I know oh… Read More »

Disco Fries feat. Raquel Castro – U Make Me (Diviners Remix) (Lyrics)

🎵 Broke up bond said you regret it 🎵 🎵 I took you back so we could mend it 🎵

⚰️My Chemical Romance – Helena | especial Halloween | Cover by Aries ?

Long ago, Just like the hearse you die to get in again We are so far from you Burning on Just like the match ou strike to incinerate The lives of everyone you know And what’s the worst you take From every heart you break And like the blade you stain Well I’ve been holding… Read More »

Zhavia “Candlelight” Official Lyrics & Meaning | Verified

Being able to record this and get in that mindset of how I felt meant a lot to me because I know that even though I’m not feeling that anymore, a lot of other people in the world are feeling that and a lot of other people are going through a time where it’s dark… Read More »

Juicy J “Neighbor” Official Lyrics & Meaning | Verified

Travis Scott told me, he told me, he said, “Man, you can see into the future, man. You can see into the future.” Because before G Herbo jumped on that ‘Who Run It’ beat and made that shit blow up, I had brought that beat to Travis. And I said, “Hey man, you need to… Read More »

Gabbie Hanna “Honestly” Official Lyrics & Meaning | Verified

Dealing with liars is just so frustrating. When that person is lying to you about stuff, again, that probably doesn’t matter in the first place, you’re just like. “Just tell me the truth.” The worst is when you catch somebody in a lie, and you know for 100 percent fact they are lying, but they… Read More »