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Mägo de Oz – Tres Tristes Tigres | Cover by Aries [LIVE]

Sadness is always like a sponge, absorbs the water of life until she died. Feeling desire and strangling in time Is like fill the sea of stones and try to cross it. When you see that you can not stand the void of loneliness, if the force is only in your saliva: learn how to… Read More »

Mägo de Oz – Quiero Morirme En Ti | Cover by Aries

Cuando ella se fue le anidaron las despedidas. Su alma se murió y ahora solo queda la herida. “Nunca te podre olvidar”, susurró al despedirse de él. (No te olvidaré) Y una lágrima se ahorcó harta de tanto llorar Quiero morirme en ti, sobre tu pecho abrázame. Ella gritó: “¡quiero vivir en ti! No me… Read More »

Mägo de Oz – La rosa de los vientos | Cover by Aries [subtitles]

If you sow an illusion and irrigate it with your love, And water from the constancy A flower will bloom in you And its aroma and heat, Clothe you when something goes wrong. If you sow an ideal in the land of maybe and comply it with envy will be difficult to start the evil… Read More »