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MAY 2014 ASTROLOGY Horoscope Forecast Passionate Rebirth KG Stiles, Astrologer

Aloha and welcome to Moonscopes Astrology. I’m your host KG Stiles. I’m here to connect you with your passion and what you love! This is your horoscope astrology forecast for May 2014 and includes astrology for the Taurus Solar Eclipse New Moon on April 28th and the Passionate Scorpio Full Moon on May 14th. In… Read More »


hiii do you have a retrograde mars in your birth chart? ever wondered how a retrograde mars can influence you?? this video is for you today we are going o discuss about the influence of retrograde mars welcome to my youtube channel let em introduce myself i am ASTRO HOMINIS and in this video am… Read More »

Mercury retrograde, explained WITHOUT astrology

You may have heard that Mercury is retrograde again. But if you try to find out what that means, search results are dominated by astrologers who believe Mercury can make you spill coffee on your favorite shirt or cause your car to break down. But if you set aside all those creative interpretations, there’s actually… Read More »

Astrology: Fact or Fiction?

It’s Professor Dave, I’m a cancer. What about you? After getting through all of the astronomy concepts in this series, we’ve found how it’s quite easy to put certain common beliefs into perspective, like our analysis of the flat-earth model that we just went over. Are there any other concepts like this that ought to… Read More »