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Top 3 MONEY Mantras – Gods of Wealth Lakshmi Kubera + 2019 horoscope for money & business ॐ PM 2019

Om Lakshmi Vigan Shri Kamala, Dharigan Svaha Lakshmi Lakshmi Lakshmi Om Om Lakshmi Om Gam Guruve Namaha Om Gan Ganpataye Namaha Om Yakshaya Kuberaya Vaishravanaya Dhanya Dhanyadhipataye Dhana Dhanya Samrddhi Mem Dehita Dapaya Svaha

Divination- speaking with higher powers and forms

come join the patreon page we get special deals on oracle card readings along with membership perks come join the live chat discussion with me on discord both links are down below in the description hi welcome back to my channel this is Tiger Lilie um let’s talk about the elephant in the room that… Read More »

OSHO: Oracles, Tarot and Other Divination Tools

Astrology Webcast: Exalted Sun In Aries – Siddha Secrets of Sun on Vedic New Year

Tamil New Year Webcast By Dr. Pillai – Sun In Aries

Some time ago, I announced that there’s going to be an event on April 14th which is the Tamil New Year. I announced it as a global event where my teachers would go around the world and teach life changing technologies, particularly Karma Removal technologies. And that’s still going to happen, but probably not on… Read More »

Elle Ralph – a blackbelt Martial Arts student from West London, Londoner #114

My name’s Ellie Ralph, and I’m 17. I grew up in Isleworth, it’s a little town in London. My biggest hobby is probably Martial Arts, also known as Karate but the proper name for it is Spirit Combat. It basically just combines all the elements of Karate, so Martial Arts and things like kickboxing and… Read More »

Samadhi Movie, 2017 – Part 1 – “Maya, the Illusion of the Self”

Samadhi is an ancient Sanskrit word, for which there is no modern equivalent. There is a fundamental challenge with making a film about Samadhi. Samadhi points to something that can’t be conveyed on the level of mind. This film is simply the outer manifestation of my own inner journey. The intention is not to teach… Read More »

Dr Pillai’s Vedic New Year Message | Sun in Aries | Awaken Higher Consciousness

Well, I have been readying myself till this 70th year. I have been so ignorant up until now and I am going to talk about my ignorance and relate it to the New Year. This is the New Year, truly the New Year, not January 1st, because it is the moment of transit of Sun… Read More »