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Ten of Wands – Oppression – tarot minor arcana divination meanings

Oppression, the Ten of Wands, which is Saturn ruling the last decanate of Sagittarius. With both cards together we see difference from the darkness of Yesod to the lightness in Malkuth, and two wands on top. So what does Crowley say about the Ten of Wands. It refers to Malkuth which depends on upon the… Read More »

The Eight of Wands – Swiftness – tarot minor arcana divination meanings and description

The Eight of Wands, Swiftness we have now moved from Leo into the 3rd fiery sign which is Sagittarius, and you can see at the top we have the symbols of Mercury and Sagittarius. Mercury is communication, self-expression. Sagittarius is to go out there, so this energy of swiftness. Have you noticed the wands on… Read More »

The Three of Wands – Virtue – tarot minor arcana divination meanings and description

Three of Wands, Virtue. This is going to be a short video because Crowley does not say a lot about this card. It might be quite surprising. At the top of the card you can see the symbol of the Sun, so the Sun rules the 2nd decanate of Aries. and the name is Virtue.… Read More »

Two of Swords – Peace – tarot card divination

Two of Swords Peace. Now originally in the Golden Dawn this is called the Lord of Peace Restored. But this is the Twos as we know, where the elements originally manifest in their pure form. So you can’t restore something that is there in its pure form so it has to be Peace. And from… Read More »

Ten of Cups – Satiety – tarot minor arcana divination meanings

The Ten of Cups, Satiety the end of the Cups and the last decanate of Pisces, a pretty happy card again. According to Crowley it reflects a conflicting element. On the one hand it receives the influence of ten Malkuth, the Virgin, the arrangement of the cups is that of the Tree of Life, on… Read More »

The Five of Wands – Strife – tarot minor arcana divination meanings

Five of Wands, Strife. We have the orange and yellow cards that went to the green of the 4 of Wands, and now we have gone a distinctly yellow colour. We are now in the 1st decanate of Leo, and Saturn ruling Leo. The first decanate. Saturn is heavy, the Sun wants to go bang!… Read More »

The Four of Wands – Completion – tarot minor arcana divination meanings

Four of Wands, Completion, have you noticed the colour change? The Ace, 2 of Wands, 3 of Wands with red and orange now we turn into this green colour. Venus at the top rules the 3rd decanate of Aries. Crowley says; This card refers to Chesed in the suit of Fire. Being below the Abyss… Read More »



The Four Elements, Astrology and Tarot

All 78 tarot cards have one of the four elements as a basis. The 4 elements are the ancient basis of alchemy, astrology and the tarot, and they are found in all cultures around the world. The four elements are Fire, water, air and earth. Each element has 2 basic characteristics; • Fire is both… Read More »

Mystic Dreamer Tarot Walkthrough

Hello, and welcome back to my channel Today we are going to do a deck review of the mystic dreamers tarot I have had the stick for a very long time Probably a good 15 years It looks pretty good This was actually my very first tarot deck. I believe I ordered it from LLewellyn… Read More »