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ARIES Fin de Semana β™ˆ 24 al 26 mayo 2019 πŸ’ͺ SIGUES CON PODER

friends of nobodies come with this reading for the weekend weekend of 24 25 May 26 this 2019 as always thanking your subscriptions check the wheel astrological reading wheel astrological month of June that is already in the channel already go because you can serve can take many tips is per house per astrological house… Read More »

ARIES Fin de Semana β™ˆ 28 al 30 Junio 2019 βœ‹ JUSTICIA

area we are welcome again for this reading of the last weekend of the month of June wishing it to be wonderfully for you this end of week let’s start immediately then thanking as always all your comments subscriptions on the channel remember that to participate in the custom reading sweepstakes they should comment and… Read More »


FEBRUARY 2019 FULL MOON READING Aries | Leo | Sagittarius | Ophiuchus Welcome this is the Full Moon energy vibration reading for the Fire signs, Sun Moon & Rising signs The elements of the fire want to say thank you for being here, thank you for being back. Isn’t this wonderful ladies and gentlemen, it… Read More »

JANUARY FULL MOON Aries Leo Ophiuchus Sagittarius Reading – Fire Sign

this is the energy vibration reading for the fire sign Sun Moon and rising sign this is the first full moon reading for the year 2019 I want to say thank you for being here this energy vibration is for on the Aries Leo Sagittarius and Ophiuchus people okay so well this is going to… Read More »

VIRGO October 2019 Horoscope| Love and Career Astrology 🌞

Hi Virgo this is a Reverend Renee and we’re gonna do something a little different today we’re gonna be looking at astrology my way I know a lot of people do it a different way but this is the Virgo horoscope for October 2019 so I’m using Astro themed comm ast ro th e MV… Read More »

ARIES β™ˆ General 2 Quincena Junio 2019 πŸ™‚ FLORECIMIENTO

hello Aries friends for these readings welcome reading from 15 to 30 of June of this 2010 and 9 general in several areas we are going to see how are these last two weeks of the month of June and get a tip from the angels also and let’s see if we reach the time… Read More »

ARIES Love Reading – April 2019

ARIES Love Reading – April 2019 welcome this is the love reading for the Aries sun moon rising sign. what is happening definitely so let’s see exactly what is happening for you Aries in love so let’s see what’s coming out in the first week we have true love is coming in a second week… Read More »

Gemini & Aries Sexual & Intimacy Compatibility

GEMINI & ARIES SEXUAL & INTIMACY COMPATIBILITY When Aries and Gemini engage in sexual activities, who knows where they could end up. With Aries’ libido and Gemini’s ideas, they might be a bit too creative and harshly judged by their environment. It is a good thing that they both don’t care that much about other’s… Read More »


Aries Love Reading | March 2019 Focus on Love, Relationship, Soulmate & Twin Flame all right so we are going to be doing the fire signs Lovering they’re not like first to the theories okay so we are definitely going to do the Aries by a sign reading for the month of March so let’s… Read More »