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Dookie’s Funeral Home – Astronomy Club

Martevous was my first love. I remember when we first met. He smiled at me and he gave me his mix tape- Dolences, dolences. What a beautiful eulogy. I’m Doctor Denzel Dookie. Welcome to Dookie’s Funeral Home. Satisfaction guaranteed or you get your loved one back. What is this? Family said I could talk for… Read More »

Grief isn’t a pathology. It’s an altered state of mind. | BJ Miller, MD

Let’s talk about grief for a minute. It’s an incredibly powerful and important subject that gets short shrift. We don’t know what to do with grief. It kind of smells like depression, all sorts of things. So let’s talk about it for a second. If I think there’s one thing that we can take away… Read More »

Why losing a dog feels like losing a family member

Alvin: So when you get your dog, and you’re like 11 years old… they never tell you what to expect down the road. The only thing that they tell you is… “You have to clean after your dog.” This is Alvin and his dog Rainbow. They spent 18 years together since Alvin was just 11,… Read More »