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Charles Esten star of Nashville talks about Sign The Show with Cat Brewer

I want to know what your thoughts are on providing access to your Deaf fans at concerts by having a sign language interpreter? Oh my goodness well I don’t know anything about that – I have not, I mean I know that there are some big ones that do. That’s why I need to interview… Read More »

Draco and the Zodiac – Cycles (Official Audio)

Facing fears In groups of three N when this cycle’s done I’ll never see you anymore So fucking dark this seems to be She’s trapped into the fakest dreams While feelings mingle in black, blue, and green. She tries to set me free And love that I lost And lust that I won Just love… Read More »

Metronomy – I’m Aquarius (Music Video)

Just one fight and just one anniversary So I never thought you’d be the one to up and leave You said our love was written in the stars But I never paid attention to my charts And now I see how quick you must want to forget ‘Cause you left the ring I bought you… Read More »

BTS: Watch The Hit K-Pop Group Teach Popular Korean Slang Words | Entertainment Weekly

Hi , we are BTS And we’re about to teach you a korean slang Inssa ! so its inssa , its like a short term of insider but its not technically the meaning of insider It means that like a popular one who has a lot of friends so so his is in inssa inssa… Read More »

Saint Seiya: Knights of the Zodiac | Official Trailer | Netflix

– You want to sleep on our turf, you’ve got to pay the rent old man. – Hey. Leave him alone. (screaming) – You don’t know how you did that, do you? Allow me to explain. Throughout history, there have been warriors called Knights. I believe Athena will save the world. Whenever Athena is in… Read More »

♫ Music Festival Looks: Zodiac Sirens ☾

[free for profit] Frank Ocean/ Kevin abstract/ partynextdoor type beat “Star Sign”

brucexAt_it brucexAt_it

Meet the Galaxies (and More…) – Part 1 – A Song About Astronomy

Swirling through Space are clusters of billions of stars Bound by gravity, some are close and some are far Collections of stars, gas and dust, Each grouping is unique These groups are known as galaxies Let’s see who we can meet They are Galaxies Traveling at great velocity Held together by gravity Cosmic Mysteries They… Read More »