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Diviners – Falling (Lyrics / Lyric Video) (ft. Harley Bird)

Diviners – Falling (ft. Harley Bird)

Peterpan – Mungkin Nanti (Official Music Video)

When I say Probably for the last time Let it all go I’m sure it’s time Probably you’re not the old one anymore Probably that feeling has gone And maybe if we will meet again I beg you to not ask anymore The feeling that I left Like yesterday everything is here And if your… Read More »

Saurom – Vida | Cover by Aries [Ganadores del sorteo ⬇] [subtitles]

Today I was walking, talking with her, in our sad loneliness In the distance shone her star, and whispered to me in front of the sea If you could ear me, oh, how much I miss you! Do not suffer, I invite you to live. Go and take advantage of all your moments, let the… Read More »

ESCORPIO Llega la oportunidad, Sales vencedor, Seras líder Junio 2019 Mensaje de Tus Angeles

this opportunity will reach your hands © once or is out winner Support will come into your life You have to learn to communicate you go have a leadership position It is para ti [Music] welcome to my warriors escorpio this reading messages in June Your Angels I’m Jack and you’re here in my channel… Read More »

Aries 16 al 28 febrero 2019

hello hello everyone welcome again to my channel I want to thank a lot all the people who have already subscribed we passed the 1000 subscribers so I’m happy about that the people who are just joining me channel that is visiting me for the first once I invite you to subscribe you press the… Read More »

Soda Stereo – De música ligera | LIVE | Cover by Aries [subtitles]

She slept To the heat of the masses And I woke up Wanting to dream her Some time ago I thought of writing to her. I never raffled The traps of love Of that love Of light music Nothing frees us Nothing else is left I will not send you Ashes of roses Nor do… Read More »

Zodiac Signs That Would Make The Perfect Couples

Die maximale Anzahl der Ausgaben pro libris odore di gas che tipo di stand bei la voce anche mario sunshine state und roll dopo [Musica] [Musica]