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True Psychic Powers And Unusual Hidden Abilities In Your Hands?-Palmistry

Welcome to another video on palmistry guys. Psychic powers increases the intuition of the person and develops an ability to feel the energy surrounding oneself. This increase in the sensory perception helps the person to communicate with different spectrum of the universe which consists of different wave lengths. Third eye also known as brow chakra… Read More »

Letter X On The Hands-Palmistry (Part 1)

Welcome to another video on palmistry guys. One of the most important topics which most of the people seems to be over obsessed with is the letter X on the palm and its meaning. You will find dozens of articles on the web titled- Only three percent of people have the letter X on their… Read More »

Palm Analysis Of World’s Most Famous Palmist-Cheiro’s Palm Reading

Welcome to another video on palmistry guys. William John Warner popularly known as Cheiro was a celebrated personality who was known for his very accurate predictions about the person or events. Born in Ireland,William acquired the interest in the occult science from his mother and gradually became so popular that he earned the title of… Read More »