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Astronomers Find Vortex Around A Black Hole Spinning At 70% the Speed of Light

Black holes are going to kill you and everyone you love. Well, maybe. As one of the most powerful forces in the universe, black holes were originally believed to be a myth for centuries, and were only recently proven to in fact exist by modern science. Way back in 1687, Newton blew the mind of… Read More »

Where Does Space Begin? Science, Astronomy for Children

Orbiting around our Sun we find asteroids, comets and planets with their moons. But how did our Solar System form? Around 4.5 billion years ago a cloud of mostly hydrogen gas and dust, started to collapse onto itself. It spun faster and faster, flattening out to form a disk with a dense centre. This centre… Read More »

Images of Space: Meteor Shower 2014 – Planets & Comets / Astronomy What’s Up for December 2014

More meteor showers and plenty of planets. Hello and welcome. I’m Jane Histon-Jones from Nasas Jet Propulsion Laboratory. If the weather marred your meteor watching in November , don’t worry. The December Geminids and Ursids offer up two more chances to see meteor showers this year. The constellation Gemini namesake of the Geminids and location… Read More »

How astronomy makes neuroscience even cooler: brains, gold, and neutron stars | Michelle Thaller

To me it’s amazing some of the things that we actually do know. There’s plenty of things that are conjecture or theories but there’s a lot of stuff that we have real observations and real knowledge of. And amazingly, to me, one of the things is: where did all the atoms in our body come… Read More »

SOFIA’s Airborne Astronomy Ambassador Program Highlights

[Music]>>It’s 6:15, this is flight number 156. >>Flight number 163>>Welcome to the mission brief for flight 168.>>Students that I don’t even have, if I walk across campus, they just know me as the NASA person. It’s a great thrill for me just to get these guys excited and thinking about space.>>I’ve been in the trenches… Read More »

What’s Up for March 2017 | Astronomy | Conjunction

♪ What’s Up for March? The moon hides red star Aldebaran and crescents dazzle after dusk. Hello and welcome. I’m Jane Houston Jones from NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Pasadena, California. On March 4 the first quarter moon passes between Earth and the star Aldebaran, temporarily blocking our view of the star. This is called… Read More »

German Teachers Take Flight to Bring Astronomy to Students

(Music) Stefan Burzin: My name is Stefan Burzin. I come from northern Germany from Schleswig Holstein, north of Hamburg. Bernd Rohwedder: My name is Bernd Rohwedder. I teach physics and mathematics at the Carl Bosh Gymnasium. Beate Brase: My name is Beate Brase and I am from Wilhelm-Raabe in Hannover. Karsten Schraut: My name is… Read More »

President Obama Presents a Night of Astronomy

President Obama: Hello, everybody. Hi, guys. (cheers and applause) President Obama: Well, it is good to see you, all of you. Good evening. I want to welcome all the students and teachers and amateur astronomers to the White House tonight. I won’t speak long, because we’ve got a bunch of telescopes and great exhibits to… Read More »

Meet the Comets – an astronomy/space song – for kids!

Sometimes you’ll look up into the night sky And see something amazing passing by Brighter and closer than any star Travelling our solar system from very far A nucleus made from frozen gas, rock and ice tails streaming behind them that look so nice What are these bright visitors in the sky? Where did they… Read More »

Aesthetics and Astronomy (Standard Definition)

Aesthetics and Astronomy Narrator (April Hobart, CXC) Every year, hundreds of astronomical images are released to the general public by the many telescopes on the ground and in space – including the Chandra, Hubble and Spitzer space telescopes — that observe the Universe. These images span the entire electromagnetic spectrum, mostly representing light and phenomena… Read More »