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How to Get Your Free Sidereal Natal Chart

Hi, everyone its Phaedra. I’m here to do a quick demonstration for you on getting your free copy of your sidereal natal report–sorry, I was distracted by a notification there but so, what I’ll be doing today is I’ll be walking you through a screen share video of how to use Astro dot com to… Read More »

Ask Kevin: Money, Job, and Career Houses

Lissa, thank you for your question. The houses in the natal chart relate to different areas of life. But life isn’t always compartmentalized. And big questions — like questions about career — don’t fit in a single house. When a client comes to me with a career question, a big part of their concern is… Read More »


in this video i am going to talk about. the prominence of 11th house in a birth chart. What is the karaka of 11th house??? What can we understand from the 11th house. Before jumping into the discussion, Let me introduce myself I am astro hominis. Welcome to my astrology YouTube channel. watch the video… Read More »

Ask Kevin: Choosing a House System

Lawrence, thank you for your question. Astrologers have dozens of house systems to choose from when working with charts. The reason for this is that unlike the boundaries of the signs, the house cusps don’t really exist. You can look to the sky and see Mars in Scorpio, but you can’t see the cusp of… Read More »

Ask Kevin: Mars in Cancer

Praveen, thanks for your question. The most important concept to remember when asking a question like this is that astrology does not predict behavior. This is why it’s possible for two people to have the same planet in the same sign and apparently express it in completely different ways. For thousands of years, astrology was… Read More »

Explaining the Natal Chart (True Astrology)

Hello, all. I wanted to make an informational video about astrology and clear up some of the disinformation and misinformation out there I’m hoping that I can inspire people to go ahead and take a look into their natal charts With natal charts, you’re going to get a lot of detailed and deep information I… Read More »


Hiii in this video i am going to talk about. the prominence of seventh house of a birth chart. What is the karaka of seventh house??? What can we understand from the seventh house. Body part associated with it. And, How different planets influence, when they are in seventh house. If you want to knw… Read More »

Ask Kevin: Chart Variants: Natal, Progressed, and Relocated

Krystel, when working with natal astrology, where the emphasis is on exploring and understanding the unique birth chart of an individual, the natal chart is the most important chart. It establishes the context for every other chart, and every other chart must be interpreted as it relates back to the natal chart. The two other… Read More »

Ask Kevin: Experience of Relocated Planets

Thanks for your question! There are really two components to the question, and I need to address them individually. First, there’s the question of how you experience natal Pluto. You don’t. The outer planets are — by definition — outer. They don’t live inside you. They’re not personal. And you do not have any kind… Read More »