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Ask Kevin: House Cusps at Critical Degrees

Justin, thank you for your question. “Critical degrees” is a term that shows up quite a lot in older astrology books. It may refer to the last few degrees of a sign, or only to the 29th degree of a sign. But at least in natal astrology, the idea of a “critical degree” has almost… Read More »

Ask Kevin: Aspects in Secondary Progression

Abi, thank you for your question. Interpreting aspects in the natal chart is far more complicated than people think, especially when the aspect is between two personal planets. It’s not possible to interpret Moon conjunct Venus. You have to consider your specific Moon and your specific Venus, including the signs involved, the houses ruled by… Read More »

DNA Astrology by Ram Kumar (DNA Astrologer)

Namaste, I am your DNA astrologer Ram Kumar at AstroVed. DNA Astrology Astrology is an ancient science, which is vast and has had valuable contributions from several saints, sages, and experts. Though there are various systems of astrology currently in practice, there still are a wide range of variations to be explored and brought to… Read More »

The Science of Astrology

Today, I’m looking to the sky, but before I do don’t forget to subscribe to my channel if you want to learn more about that thing in your head, not that juicy rumor you heard about your best friend’s third-cousin’s-aunt’s-brother-in-law’s-best-friend’s-sister (you can tell me about that later), but the brain. With that said, today, on… Read More »


This video an going to talk abt the twelfth of astrology. Prominence of twelfth house of a birth chart. Karaka of birth chart. Before jumping into the discussion, Let me introduce myself I am astro hominis. Welcome to my astrology YouTube channel. watch the video and rate it in the comments section, along With your… Read More »

Ask Kevin: Mean Node vs. True Node

Peggy, thank you for your question. The Moon’s Nodes are sensitive points in the chart. They represent the points where the orbit of the Moon crosses the ecliptic. The Moon’s Nodes move in a retrograde direction around the Zodiac, completing a cycle every 18 and half years. When astronomers calculate the position of the Moon’s… Read More »

Ask Kevin: The History of the Ecliptic

Ben, thanks for your question. Let me begin by pointing out that the constellations have nothing at all to do with astrology. This is a source of great confusion; so let me take a few moments to explain. The ecliptic is a great circle on the celestial sphere with the Earth at the center. From… Read More »


Hii In this video am gng to talk about the fifth house of birth chart. What is the prominence of fifth house and Karaka of fifth house. What are the Body parts considered by fifth house. And how different planets influence when they are in the fifth house. If you want to knw the answers… Read More »

The Horoscope Easily Explained: The Four Most Important Components! [Qabbalistic Astrology]

Did you ever want to know what astrology is all about? Would you like to learn the secrets and meanings of the planets, houses and signs of the zodiac in your horoscope or natal chart? This is the first video of a series about the Horoscope in Qabbalistic Astrology. Here we’ll give you a short… Read More »