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Sagittarius Horoscope and Tarot Reading 💰💖 Make Choices in Career and Love * Psychic Reading

Hi Sagittarians this is Reverend Renee here with your March 2019 reading which i think is going to be pretty hot as at this point I’m not sure if it’s gonna turn out to be a love reading or money reading career focus but we are going to put the cards down and I’m gonna… Read More »

LEO Love Horoscope: and MARCH 2019 Tarot Reading 💰💖 * Psychic Reading

Hi Leos this is Reverend Renee I’m here with your Celtic cross reading for March 2019 got special numbers for you of course add a special date and time a couple of those when I ask that you subscribe to share the video on social media and hit the Bell next to the subscription box… Read More »

Aries Love Reading – The Final Say in Love!

hi Aries how are you guys doing welcome to your January 2018 reading hope it’s well with you I know there’s a lot that’s been going on and so this is going to primarily be a love reading I’ll tell you that up front so and that that affects a lot of people I have… Read More »

ARIES: Tarot ?❤️ You Are About to Make a Karmic Decision * Psychic Reading

Hello Aries and welcome to your April 2019 reading we are going to get started if you’re interested in hearing what the Oracles have to say and this is going to be primarily an oracle card reading stay tuned we want to ask you to subscribe and share this video on social media remember the… Read More »

Aries Tarot Reading ?? Prioritize Self Love and Care * Psychic Reading

Hello everyone and welcome to the show this is Reverend Renee here with the Aries March reading this is for Aries Sons stelliums where you have four more planets and or asteroids in the sign of Aries at the time of your birth and also for Aries Rising now we got some special numbers for… Read More »

Aquarius Weekly Tarot, Oracles & Zodiac – Healing Must Come First! Love & Money ??

Hi Aquarius welcome to the show oooh get myself situated here this is a live broadcast where we’re gonna do your weekly Tarot, Oracles and Astrology and we’re gonna include a little bit of guidance here looks like there’s some healing going on here and your sign as the Sun moves in I want to… Read More »

Tarot Reading ?? Solutions That Put You in Control * Psychic Reading

Welcome to our reading today it is for the daily tarot February 5th 2019 we will be using the illuminated tarot and will also be using our shamanic animal deck to get the animal totem for the day. We’ve got some special numbers for you and want to ask that you subscribe right now if… Read More »

Horoscope and Tarot Reading ?❤️ Chiron in a Fire Sign * Psychic Reading

hello everyone and welcome to the show this is Reverend Renee here with your daily tarot reading February 26 2019 and Pisces I haven’t forgotten you whoever then we’re gonna be doing your March reading very very soon so we want you to subscribe and share this video on social media and hit the bell… Read More »

CAPRICORN Tarot ? ?❤️ There is a Positive in EVERY Situation! * Psychic Reading

hi capricorns this is Reverend Renee here with your Capricorn April 2019 reading we are getting ready to do a three card archetype reading to let you know what the energies are over you for the month of April and we’re gonna do a five card tarot spread so stay tuned for that I want… Read More »

Daily Oracle Reading ? ❤️ Choosing to Stay * Psychic Reading

hello everyone and welcome this is Reverend Renee and i am going to do an oracle reading for you so please subscribe and share the video on social media hit the bell next to the subscription box and be notified of new videos which we do multiple times per week check out your video readings… Read More »