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InBrief: The Science of Neglect

>>SHONKOFF: Everyone in a community has a vested interest in everyone else’s children because everyone else’s children determine the next adult population that makes for a successful society. Built into our biology is the need to have responsive interactions with adults.>>MAYES: Neglect for children is when they don’t get what the brain is expecting to… Read More »

Childhood neglect: Scenario 3 Children’s Social Care (part 1)

Good morning, Duty Team, Paul Roberts speaking. Good morning. I hope I’m through to the right department. I wanted to make a referral to Children’s Social Services. Okay, you’re through to the right person. Let me start by taking your name. It’s Emily Jones. I’m a health visitor for the family. I’m based at the… Read More »

Childhood neglect: Mabina Akhtar’s story

Why does the health visitor keep calling round to see me? I’m getting very tired of this now and I would like some privacy. I don’t understand why she wants to see Waseem. He’s fine and she can see that. My house is immaculately clean, surely she can see that. There isn’t a thing out… Read More »

CB Spotlight on the Office on Child Abuse and Neglect

We have many, many responsibilities in OCAN. We manage the Title II of CAPTA, the Community Based Child Abuse Prevention Program. We manage the Children’s Justice Act. We have a portfolio of about 87 discretionary grants under CAPTA, including three National Resource Centers. In addition, we work very closely with the States in terms of… Read More »

Childhood neglect: Scenario 4 Social Work Manager (part 1)

Right, then, that’s two cases done. Let’s move on now to the Henderson Miller Taylor family. How are things going? You’ve been on it for, what, six months now? Yes, it is around six months but despite the support we’ve put in place things really haven’t improved much. But you did an assessment surely? And… Read More »

Childhood neglect: Scenario 2 Specialist Child Protection Nurse (part 2)

– Hey, Kate. – Hello, Sarah. – Can I grab a quick word? – Yes, go ahead. I’ve got some concerns about a child called Kimberley Miller. She lives on the local estate and her parents are called Darren and Claire. I was just wondering if we could have a talk about some of the… Read More »