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➕Zodiac Brave : Athena VS Athena VS 🔱

I’ll fight alone if need be. For the justice! What chance does a girl have against me? You can’t touch a hair on my head. I’m a god after all… My power is not yet sufficient… After eons of struggle, it ends now! Poseidon, you can’t deceive the gods! Poseidon, Evil such as yours will… Read More »

Star-Spangled Banner in American Sign Language (ASL, National Anthem, Fourth of July, July 4th)

Check out my new website: ASLwithRobNielson.com

Guía Saint Seiya Zodiac Brave ; Pandora

Draco and the Zodiac – Cycles (Official Audio)

Facing fears In groups of three N when this cycle’s done I’ll never see you anymore So fucking dark this seems to be She’s trapped into the fakest dreams While feelings mingle in black, blue, and green. She tries to set me free And love that I lost And lust that I won Just love… Read More »

Metronomy – I’m Aquarius (Music Video)

Just one fight and just one anniversary So I never thought you’d be the one to up and leave You said our love was written in the stars But I never paid attention to my charts And now I see how quick you must want to forget ‘Cause you left the ring I bought you… Read More »

Safe & Welcoming Spaces | Susan & Paul’s Story | Summit Area YMCA

Paul has autism. And…something that I think…that I can only speak for myself as a special needs parent and I think sometimes it doesn’t get talked about a lot..it kind of does but there’s… there’s like shame that can kind of be involved in it. Where you feel like, are things measuring up? And you’re…you… Read More »

Guía Saint Seiya Zodiac Brave ; Virgo Divino (槍)