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[Parodie] Marvel Comique #10 – Les tracas du quotidien

Before us, the Daily Bugle … … the most popular rag after Howard! hello Yourich, I asked you your paper on the mafia for past Monday! What do you mean, a gangster broke your fingers? Well you had to write with your feet, it would not have changed from usual. You are fired. Take a… Read More »

Zodiac Women Who Are Insensitive In Love

Zodiac Women Who Are Insensitive In Love. There was someone who did not value them, so they decided to have a strong heart and not allow anyone else to hurt them, they became insensitive in love. She is hard at heart, she does not allow herself to fall in love with anyone, prefers to remain… Read More »

5 Fun & Creative Cake Decorating Ideas for Christmas ??? Most Satisfying Chocolate Cake Tutorials

Subscribe to not miss the latest cake decorating videos. Thank you! Subscribe to not miss the latest cake decorating videos. Thank you! Subscribe to not miss the latest cake decorating videos. Thank you! Subscribe to not miss the latest cake decorating videos. Thank you!

Astronomy Club Finds Out They Have A Netflix Show | Netflix Is A Joke

So it’s called “Edward Scissorhands.” – Yeah. – Okay. [phone ringing] Astronomy Club. Uh-huh. Yeah? M’hm. Yeah? – [gasps] – Oh! Yeah. – Aww. – Oh. Okay. Alright, playboy. I’ll see ya. We got a show. Netflix show! – Netflix show! – Hey, everybody! Wait. Just remember, we can’t let this change us. – Yeah.… Read More »

Riverdale | Who Is Hermosa? | The CW

– You see our father needed help. – I don’t understand. – I’m Hiram’s other daughter. – Hermosa is my husband’s love child. Welcome to Riverdale, isnt’ that awesome. – How many more secret children should we be expecting? – Who is this chick? Like we sort of obviously have established we have an open… Read More »

DJ Duvvada Jagannadham | Telugu Full Movie 2017 | Allu Arjun, Pooja Hegde

What message to the civilized society? Smoking and Alcohol are harmful to health! Mother Annapurna, bless. Come on all … carefully. Started early morning to complete by this time Do not forget anything? Everything is taken care Have you given water to everyone? Yes. Annapurna Catering … Pure Vegatorian! (Card delivery) Deal is for 20,000.… Read More »

Do Not Press The Red Button ! (zodiac sign edition)

ooh it’s so shiny come on guys let’s press it and see what happens yeah let’s do this we shouldn’t something might explode so hell yeah we might attract elegance or something let’s do it we all might die so yay are you feeling all right oh my gosh this was a joke but I… Read More »

Are you biased? I am | Kristen Pressner | TEDxBasel

Translator: Ivana Krivokuća Reviewer: Denise RQ Let me just get this out there. I have a bias against women leaders. No one can be more surprised about this than me. I’m a woman leader. And on top, I even work in human resources, which means it’s my job to be unbiased. In fact, I passionately… Read More »

Zodiac Signs In Class

excuse me I’m not I’m late but nevermind what did I miss out are you are you kidding me aliens do not exist of course they do how can you believe that we are alone in this universe guys I have to admit I have been abducted before shut up Pisces no you haven’t studies… Read More »