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ESOcast 82: Zodiacal Light

The Atacama Desert in northern Chile is famed for its dark night skies, which can be enjoyed in their full glory thanks to the absence of light pollution. But even the darkest sky is not completely dark. Astronomers at ESO’s observatories often encounter a natural light phenomenon above ESO’s telescopes known as the zodiacal light.… Read More »

24 Hours In The Life Of An Astronomer

Have you ever wondered what it must be like to be an astronomer? Let’s take you behind the scenes and see what 24 hours in the life of an ESO staff astronomer is like. The countdown for an exciting night with an observation run at the world´s most advanced optical telescope, the ESO VLT, has… Read More »

Stars in Alignment: UT Astronomy and the Discovery Channel Telescope

(Narrator) The University of Toledo Department of Physics and Astronomy, has signed on to partner in what leaders of the Lowell Observatory call their Boeing moment, that moment where they decided to bend their entire future on the construction of one of the world’s most sophisticated and powerful telescopes As the Boeing incorporation did when… Read More »

Tuvok (TIM RUSS) Talks Astronomy & Extraterrestrial Life

what is it about looking through telescope and seeing with your own eyes that appeals to you is it the challenge of you know sort of the technology and finding it is it a more emotional or spiritual aspect or you know is it just you know a fun way to spend time or what’s… Read More »

Astronomers At Work – Space Documentary

what does it take to be professional astronomer working with the world’s most powerful telescopes producing top-notch science how does it feel to be working in exotic locations and collaborating with astronomers from around the world stay tuned to this is so cost to go behind the scenes of an Easter astronomer at work in… Read More »

When art meets astronomy (UCL)

Most of my work involves nature, geology, technology and ideas of space and time and distance and collapsing distance. Most of my works have involved collaborating with people in different fields and disciplines. We’re all astronomers, so we look at things through a particular way, a particular methodology. Having Katie in the corridor has brought… Read More »

The 1995 Hubble photo that changed astronomy

Since the Hubble Space Telescope went into orbit back in April 1990, it has sent back a ton of incredible photos. Each has its own story, but one of Hubble’s greatest images is this one, from 1995. This is a snapshot of nearly the entire history of the universe – and the first of its… Read More »

Celebrating a century of astronomy

Today we’re celebrating 100 years of astronomy. And what it has brought us in terms of scientific progress and also the cultural inspiration… …that comes from astronomy. We just listened to a beautiful lecture by Maria Popova about cultural inspiration of astronomy in poetry. I think people are always interested in astronomy. It’s a fundamental… Read More »

ESOcast 194: Cutting Edge of Contemporary Astronomy

Our Universe is full of mysteries. Astronomers have always tried to decipher the night sky and gain a better understanding of the Cosmos, but what are the hottest topics right now in astronomy? Every night, telescopes like ESO’s are used to investigate a host of astronomical mysteries. We asked astronomers to identify some of the… Read More »