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John Thornes on meteorological research of Constable painting

The ‘Salisbury Cathedral from the Meadows’, which has been acquired for the nation in recent years has a beautiful rainbow in it, but no one is quite sure why this rainbow doesn’t correspond to the weather conditions that are evident in the picture. And people have always said that it’s a symbolic rainbow, but in… Read More »

Princess Eugenie pregnant? Royals star sign reveals what kind of mum she will be Express.co.uk

Princess Eugenie pregnant? Royals star sign reveals what kind of mum she will be Express.co.uk has been enjoying married life since she walked down the aisle with her partner, Jack Brooksbank, in October 2018. The couple had already been together for seven years before they wed and some royal enthusiasts are hoping the pair are… Read More »

MSc Applied Meteorology and Climatology

I’m Xiaoming Cai. I’m one of the teaching staff of this course. I was a course leader for two years. I’m currently teaching two modules that are in the course. One is our atmospheric composition and the physics and the other is air pollution meteorology. This programme is special because it is the only course… Read More »

24 Hours In The Life Of An Astronomer

Have you ever wondered what it must be like to be an astronomer? Let’s take you behind the scenes and see what 24 hours in the life of an ESO staff astronomer is like. The countdown for an exciting night with an observation run at the world´s most advanced optical telescope, the ESO VLT, has… Read More »

Stars in Alignment: UT Astronomy and the Discovery Channel Telescope

(Narrator) The University of Toledo Department of Physics and Astronomy, has signed on to partner in what leaders of the Lowell Observatory call their Boeing moment, that moment where they decided to bend their entire future on the construction of one of the world’s most sophisticated and powerful telescopes As the Boeing incorporation did when… Read More »

Student Vlog – Ellie, Jess and Will – Physics and Astronomy

Hi I’m Will, I’m Jess and I’m Ellie and we’re all final year physicists at the University of Birmingham and this is a week in the life of a physics student so in general we have about 10 hours of lectures a week and these are taught by leading researchers within their field so people… Read More »

Physics and Astronomy PhD at the University of Birmingham

Anna: I had found out about gravitational waves during my undergraduate studies, and thought I’d quite like to do that and doing that in the UK. Birmingham is one of the best places to go. Alejandro: I come from Mexico. Birmingham is a place that is widely known for having a big group in astrophysics.… Read More »

Kingdom Of Fools Part 1: The Great Diviner