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Match Voice to Person (Mari) | Lineup | Cut

– Do you think I’m swole? – What’s that? – You know, like muscular. – Oh, yes, mm-hm, very. – How old do you think I am? – Oh, 48. – Hi, my name is Mari. – Oh, I see, okay. I’m very sensitive about people’s accent because I’m from foreign country. I travel around… Read More »

Worst Fortune Teller Ever | Lele Pons

shout outs to lele pons fav video im going to be looking at the vid today>>WELCOME! shut up>>What do you see when you see yourself in the mirror?>>well i see>>how ugly you are>>Ready for the future, and its so stupid>>Oh! Um. Ooh! Oh my gosh. Okay, imTRIGGGGGERD>>I hate your work, and I saw you on… Read More »

Private Investigator Guesses Who’s Dating Out Of A Lineup • Part 2

– Hello, I’m John, I’m a private investigator here in Los Angeles, and today it’s my job to determine which two of these six individuals are currently romantically linked. No job is ever easy, but I think I’m up to the task. (lively jazz music) – We’ll start in the end here. How bout these… Read More »