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117 Days Calendar (English Subtitles) CC

We will demonstrate how to make a 117-day calendar, with 13 weeks of nine days (Novenas) and 9 months of 13 days (Trecenas). First we make a table with 13 rows and 9 columns. We number it 1 to 13 until complete this table. Then separate the first column and transfer to a circle divided… Read More »

The Anunnaki Series S1E4: Calendar Quarrel, Mayan Long Count

Ancient temples around the world were ingeniously constructed to align to solstice and equinox events. We now know that Magi, Kings, and their astrologers watched the heavens in order to establish zodiacal time, a means by which even the Anunnaki gods used to set their ruler-ship term limits. What could have possibly gone wrong among… Read More »