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Liverpool news : Barcelona think Liverpool are trying to sign Matthijs de Ligt by using ONE star

 Barcelona and Liverpool are both interested in securing De Ligt’s signature, with the Ajax star enjoying a stellar campaign  The 19-year-old played a key role as the Eredivisie outfit reached the Champions League semi-finals and, as a result, talk is rife he will be on the move  Barcelona are widely considered frontrunners in the race… Read More »

Deep Astronomy Channel Trailer

When we look up at the sky on a clear, dark night, we can see about three thousand stars. Most of them are in our galaxy the Milky Way, which contains over one hundred billion stars. Our galaxy is just one of one hundred billion in the universe. Astronomers estimate that there are, on average,… Read More »

Win a VIP Experience at the World Premiere of The Water Diviner – Telstra Thanks

If you’re a Telstra customer,you could win a VIP experience to the world premiereof Russell Crowe’s epic The Water Diviner.The film was inspired by one line found in a World War I diary –“One old chap managed to get here from Australia,“looking for his son’s grave.”Now, in one line, we want you to share your… Read More »

What’s inside a Lokai Bracelet?

(intense dramatic music) – Welcome back to What’s Inside. I’m Lincoln and this is Dan and today we’re gonna cut open a Lokai Bracelet. – Many of you probably had the same response that I had when I saw this request. We got this request many times from our different subscribers. – Why are we… Read More »

Instagram Zodiac Sign Clothing Quiz -Part 3!

it’s time for the Instagram zodiac sign clothing quiz part three! Last time I played for Leos and this time we’re gonna be playing for libras. But I thought why would I play as myself when I can compete with a real Libra! I’ll show you the graphics that we’re guessing from so you can… Read More »

☉ Sun in Aries ♈ ~Part 1~ (Tropical)

Hello again so let’s talk about each individual sign today right now Aries the first sign of the zodiac Aries is a Fire sign it’s one of the three it’s a Cardinal sign which means it’s all about progressing moving forward, building, all the cardinal signs mark a beginning of one of the seasons Aries… Read More »

Based On Your Zodiac Sign, Which Historical Figure Are You Like?

History is fascinating, it’s filled with stories of interpersonal relationships, battles and many influential personalities. In this video, we’re going to try and get a better perspective of these Historical figures with the help of their zodiac signs. Before we do that please make sure to hit subscribe and ring the notification bell to stay… Read More »

We Tricked ‘Queer Eye’s Antoni Into Loving Cheap Guac ?| Expensive Taste Test

– This is tricky. This is tricky. Okay, this is a little trickier. This is tricky. I wish Tan were here, he could help me with this. (orchestral music) (laughing) Hey Cosmo fans, it’s Antoni. Just reading my cookbook, no big deal. I’m here for Expensive Taste Test. So I’ve basically been asked to try… Read More »


Hey guys, so today’s video is going to be a full face of milk makeup It’s been is so requested to continue to do these full face of one brand videos Just doing my whole face with one branch. And today we are going to be doubling into milk makeup I personally really like this… Read More »


Hello Kat Anders I have this big island on middle of head line on right hand only. Could you please tell me about it. Kat Anders: Ok, the Blue Arrow shows the oval (island) that you see in your Head & Spine Line. It looks like there is a mis-alignment issue in your spine in… Read More »