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Ask Kevin: House Cusps at Critical Degrees

Justin, thank you for your question. “Critical degrees” is a term that shows up quite a lot in older astrology books. It may refer to the last few degrees of a sign, or only to the 29th degree of a sign. But at least in natal astrology, the idea of a “critical degree” has almost… Read More »

Ask Kevin: Aspects in Secondary Progression

Abi, thank you for your question. Interpreting aspects in the natal chart is far more complicated than people think, especially when the aspect is between two personal planets. It’s not possible to interpret Moon conjunct Venus. You have to consider your specific Moon and your specific Venus, including the signs involved, the houses ruled by… Read More »

Ask Kevin: Mean Node vs. True Node

Peggy, thank you for your question. The Moon’s Nodes are sensitive points in the chart. They represent the points where the orbit of the Moon crosses the ecliptic. The Moon’s Nodes move in a retrograde direction around the Zodiac, completing a cycle every 18 and half years. When astronomers calculate the position of the Moon’s… Read More »

Ask Kevin: The History of the Ecliptic

Ben, thanks for your question. Let me begin by pointing out that the constellations have nothing at all to do with astrology. This is a source of great confusion; so let me take a few moments to explain. The ecliptic is a great circle on the celestial sphere with the Earth at the center. From… Read More »

Ask Kevin: Transits to the Part of Fortune

Rhonda, thanks for your question! The Greek Lots or Arabic Parts are sensitive points in the chart. They’re usually calculated using the relationships between three points in the chart. The Part of Fortune, which is certainly the best known of the Arabic Parts, is calculated using the distances between the Sun, Moon, and Ascendant. The… Read More »

Ask Kevin: “Favorable” and “Unfavorable” Placements

Sue, Most astrology books — especially those written before the 1970s — should come with a warning label. I’ve lost count of how many times I’ve had to talk someone down off a ledge because of something horrible they read about a placement in their natal chart in some random astrology book. It’s not that… Read More »

Ask Kevin: Money, Job, and Career Houses

Lissa, thank you for your question. The houses in the natal chart relate to different areas of life. But life isn’t always compartmentalized. And big questions — like questions about career — don’t fit in a single house. When a client comes to me with a career question, a big part of their concern is… Read More »

Ask Kevin: Choosing a House System

Lawrence, thank you for your question. Astrologers have dozens of house systems to choose from when working with charts. The reason for this is that unlike the boundaries of the signs, the house cusps don’t really exist. You can look to the sky and see Mars in Scorpio, but you can’t see the cusp of… Read More »

Ask Kevin: Mars in Cancer

Praveen, thanks for your question. The most important concept to remember when asking a question like this is that astrology does not predict behavior. This is why it’s possible for two people to have the same planet in the same sign and apparently express it in completely different ways. For thousands of years, astrology was… Read More »

Ask Kevin: Chart Variants: Natal, Progressed, and Relocated

Krystel, when working with natal astrology, where the emphasis is on exploring and understanding the unique birth chart of an individual, the natal chart is the most important chart. It establishes the context for every other chart, and every other chart must be interpreted as it relates back to the natal chart. The two other… Read More »