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N.E.R.D. – Rock Star (Official Music Video)

(whistle blows) – Welcome to first period maggots. Physical education. For the next 042 hours, your butt belongs to me. I will not tolerate wusses. Do I make myself clear? Worm! What is your major malfunction? ♪You think the way ♪ (whistle blows) ♪ You live is okay ♪ ♪ You think posing ♪ ♪… Read More »

Gamma Ray Bursts – Science Space Astronomy

Sometimes when stars perish or when neutron stars collide, and form a black hole, they release an enormous amount of energy in the process. They unleash the most powerful force in the universe — a radioactive light brighter than a million, trillion suns. Scientists tried to pinpoint where on our planet the blasts were coming… Read More »

Serj Tankian – Sky is Over | Cover by Aries [Subtítulos]

Everybody knows That you cradle the sun Living in remorse, sky is over Don’t you want to hold me, baby? Disappointed, going crazy Even though we can’t afford The sky is over I don’t wanna see you go The sky is over Even though we can’t afford The sky is over Behind closed eyes lie… Read More »

2012 Crossing Over A New Beginning ‘FIRST EDITION’

We are at that time when a great transition takes place. The society, the way we know it now, is changing very rapidly. We have to go along with the change that is happening as oppose to fear it and resist it. We have all heard about 2012, it’s doomsday, the world will end, mankind… Read More »