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Aries – Zodiac CAS | THE SIMS 4

Hey everyone welcome back to the channel! My name is Cupquake! And we are continuing our create a sim Zodiacs series so we are doing Aries today Which comes right after Pisces if you guys missed the previous two Create-A-Sim episodes I’ll put a link to the playlist in the description for you guys So… Read More »

Cancer Watercolor

[Music] Hey guys! It’s Cupquake and today we’re gonna be doing something a little bit different. So like I mentioned in the beginning of the year I am gonna be merging Tiffyquake content with iHasCupquake and this is a series that I had on the Tiffyquake channel where I would read and learn about the… Read More »

Pisces Watercolor

Happy Birthday to all of those Pisces out there I know this video is a little late things got a little crazy but as promised, here is a pisces watercolor piece. I’ve been really excited to do this piece because I myself am a Pisces. It’s a feminine sign, it is a water sign, and… Read More »


Hey, everyone welcome back to the channel. My name is Cupquake, and we are continuing our Create a sim series. We are on the second zodiac and we are doing the Aquarius originally I wanted to get these out quicker, but as Things go time just flew by and I lost track of time But… Read More »

#Galaxy #VicTV #ART #zodiac draw 12 signs of the zodiac – vẽ cung hoàng đạo Bạch Dương

VicTV – Galaxy – ART Draw birch zodiac