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Real Accurate Psychic Readings

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Astrology Based On Your Hands || Interesting Facts About Horoscope || Palmistry Secrets

Astrology Based On Your Hands Interesting Facts About Horoscope Palmistry Secrets

This is your SIXTH SENSE Palm Reading Palmistry #91

Look clear across there that is your SIXTH SENSE, you should have a little fat pad (mount) just under that index finger. You have little X’s between the Heart Line and Head Line, those are little psychic markings, you’re a little bit psychic. This is your Intuition, it’s very good. That little mount in there,… Read More »

क्या आपके हाथ में धन योग है !! Signs of Millionare!!Richness in your palm!! mon

Hello Friends ! welcome to our channel HELP PEOPLE when will happiness and prosperity come in his or her life Friends today i have brought very interesting topic for you Today we will know so interesting and Inquisitive Topic Today i will tell you some easy signs and things through which you can know whether… Read More »

Thumb Tells A Lot About Your Personality-Part 2 (Palmistry)

Welcome to another video on palmistry guys. Flexibility of the thumb tells a lot about your personality. To see whether you have got stiff,flexible or super flexible thumb apply pressure to the first joint of your thumb as shown. Don’t apply unnecessary pressure to bend your thumb backwards. Let’s see the different personalities emerging from… Read More »


The Life Line is an indicator of your Pulmonary System (breathing) any breaks or interruptions in this line will show a disruption in breathing. This could be something like, if you for some reason stopped breathing, like an accident or an illness or received breathing assistance, like during surgery. An incident like this will show… Read More »


Hello Kat Anders I have this big island on middle of head line on right hand only. Could you please tell me about it. Kat Anders: Ok, the Blue Arrow shows the oval (island) that you see in your Head & Spine Line. It looks like there is a mis-alignment issue in your spine in… Read More »